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2017 08 03  We are ready to counter any form of aggression alongside the Lithuanian military, Commander NATO EFP Battle Group Lieutenant Colonel Ch. Huber says after service in Lithuania


2017 07 21  German detachment of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion decorated in Rukla after service in Lithuania


2017 07 17  Second rotation of the Netherlands troops arrived in Lithuania


2017 07 05  First shift of the Dutch detachment farewelled after their tour of duty with the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion, next rotation to deploy soon


2017 06 20 NATO Secretary General thanked Lithuania for hosting multinational Exercise Iron Wolf 2017 and the chance for NATO allies to train together


2017 06 20 Germany appreciates the way Lithuania welcomes German soldiers deployed in Lithuania


2017 06 15  Commander of the NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum General Salvatore Farina on a visit in Lithuania


2017 06 15  Exercise Iron Wolf 2017 VIP day to be attended bu high-ranking Lithuanian and NATO authorities


2017 06 09  Multinational Exercise Iron Wolf 207 that will assess NATO Battalion in Lithuania to be officially opened on Monday


2017 06 01 Second rotation of Belgium's company began service in the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion in Rukla


2017 05 30 NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Lithuania is fully manned


2017 05 29 First rotation of the Belgian company in the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion farewelled, to be replaced soon


2017 05 20 The Day of Lithuanian Armed Forces and Public Unity Day in Panevėžys attended by NATO force present in Lithuania


 2017 04 10 Dutch Defence Minister and Chief of Defence visit  enhanced Forward Presence  Battle Group in Rukla


2017 03 20

Dutch soldiers and equipment join NATO enhanced Forward Presence battalion in Lithuania


2017 03 15

 Members of the Bundestag observed joint exercise of Lithuanian and NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion's soldiers in Rukla


2017 03 09

tNATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion in Lithuania to kick-off 



German heavy military equipment for eFP  arrived to Lithuania 



Tactical equipment of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion in Lithuania arrives from Germany


2017 -02-15

Baltic Defence Ministers agreed on an easier movement of NATO forces




NATO enhanced Forward Presence battalion formally welcomed in Rukla



First team of German soldiers arrived at Kaunas airport



NATO enhanced Forward Presence personnel and equipment arrive in Lithuania from Germany



Lithuania is prepared to host NATO's enhanced forward presence battalion



Bundeswehr soldiers formally farewelled at Oberviechtach before deployment to Lithuania



First troops of the NATO enhanced forward presence battalion come to Lithuania from Belgium


2017 01 25

Joint training of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battalion and units of the Lithuanian Land Force discussed



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