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2019 No.10

2019 No.10      

In the 10th issue of this years' "Lithuanian Military Digest" we introduce you to Norwegian Leopard's and their crews dislocated in Pabradė. The Norwegian contingent in the 5th rotation of  NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group (NATO eFP BG) has brought to Lithuania their main battle tanks Leopard 2A4S with 120 mm guns - the strongest fire-power in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

There are also notes about the Joint Fire Integration Exericises, sniper competition and Vilnius marathon.

The main topics of News section are the visit of the President of the Republic of Lithuanian in Rukla, the deploynment of rotational U.S. force to Lithuania, agreement between U.S. and Polish Presidents to boost american military presence in Poland and many more.




Updated on: 2019-10-03
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