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EOD specialists of the Engineer Battalion training at international Exercise Detonator 2019 in Latvia


Explosive ordnance disposal specialists of the Engineer Battalion are second week in honing their skills in the heavily EO-contaminated Cekule region of Latvia at international Exercise Detonator 2019. Lithuanians are training and sharing experience together with EOD specialists from Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia and Latvia.

The exercise opening ceremony took place on September 18 and was followed by presentation of equipment, vehicles and capabilities of the participating allies and their deployment to the areas of responsibility appointed to them. Within just four hours on the same day Lithuanians managed to find and identify 59 standard explosive devices. Next days of the exercise were equally fruitful: with the exercise halfway through, the Lithuanians had the largest number of explosives found in their score, including over several hundreds of mortar and antitank mines, artillery shells, grenades and other explosives.

Cekule region is one of the largest and most heavily EO-contaminated regions in Latvia. Systematic clearance began in it in1994, however, hundreds of pieces of ammunition of different kinds are still being discovered. A significant part of the territory is also cleared of explosives during the annually held exercise Detonator in which increasing numbers of EOD specialists from across the Alliance are training with cutting-edge equipment. Real ammunition reconnaissance, search and identification operations are carried out at Exercise Detonator and unexploded standard ammunition of different categories of hazard are neutralised at Adazi Training Area. This year the exercise will be running until the end of September.

Information and photo credits: Engineer Battalion

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