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Journal of Exercise Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia - the STRYKER armoured vehicle called in honor of privates


Video report by PV2 Aurimas Smaguris

Friday, June 13, while the company of the Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan Battalion were discussing the defensive operation, we asked on-site commander for "Planned Defence" Captain Linas Rakickas to share impressions on the impact that the STRYKER platoon of the Pennsylvania National Guard incorporated into the company on the execution of operations.

During Saber Strike 2013 Linas and his company where engaged in war at the Adaži Training Range in Latvia so this year the officer of the Juozas Lukša Training Centre, Lithuanian Land Force, is sharing experience not only with Lithuanians but also with allies.

"In fact, the vehicle was named to honour posthumously Private First Class Stuart S. Stryker for distinguished performance during World War II and Specialist Four Robert F. Stryker who died in the Vietnam War," said CPT L. Rakickas well-familiar with the capabilities of the combat vehicle. He described the STRYKER as a combat vehicle weighing 19 tonnes, watertight so capable to ford water up to the tops of its wheels, 100 km/h speed, operational range (when fuelled up) 500km. The Stryker is equipped with run-flat tire inserts that also serve as bead-locks, thus the vehicle is able to move even with all its eight tires shot.

"The Stryker can accommodate 9 passengers apart from its driver and machine-gunner. Its main armament is M2 12.7 mm machine gun or MK19 40 mm grenade launcher. However, the most distinguishing virtue of the vehicle is long-range target engagement system allowing to detect "an enemy" at the distance of up to 10 km. that is a huge support for a company commander," CPT Linas Rakickas summarised.

Photo credits - MSG Lina Ambroževičiūtė
Video report PV2 Aurimas Smaguris

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