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Journal of Saber Strike 2014 in Latvia: pilots in trenches


On Tuesday, June 17. It has been raining all night. "No raining, no training," someone brings out an ironical aspect. Probably it is a try to console others and self. And indeed, someone who have not tried all the military romance, not only solemn parades but also sleepless nights and closing soaking wet till the last thread, will have a hard time understanding those who have left their families back at their warm homes.

A husky purr of engines is then heard at a distance and is echoed by a slight commotion in the trenches. In a Hammer disguised with tree branches a little further the company commander takes out his map, glances at his watch and says something awkward into a radio station. The Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) in a forward position of the defensive positions deciphers the code word with ease. This purring of armoured vehicles has been expected - the enemy is coming. A few more minutes of radio conversation and the TACP "calls in thunder". The F-16s appear as if out of nowhere raising the morals of tired troops. Hollow explosions are heard at a distance and the allied aircraft retire. "Time for counterattack," soldiers whisper among themselves watching smoke rising at a distance. Three sleepless nights and a cold shower have not destroyed the resolve of the defenders of freedom.


Currently Exercise Saber Strike has passed into its second, active, phase. During non-stop field training troops are training defensive, offensive and counterattack operations. One of the exercise tasks arrangement and delivery of air support with allied aircraft.

The portion of the exercise in the Adazi Training Range battalion is attended by a company of the Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan Battalion with an incorporated combat engineer platoon from Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalion and a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) from the General R.Giedraitis Artillery Battalion.

Photo credit- MSG Lina Ambroževičiūtė

Video (TACP) - PV2 Aurimas Smaguris

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