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The number of 1st year cadets in the Military Academy of Lithuania nearly doubles this year


Even though the numbers of school graduates are on the decrease, significantly more young people have been admitted to the General Jonas Žematis Military Academy of Lithuania. This year has seen the highest number of entrants since 2003 - 77 cadets, including 16 young women, have started the studies in the only higher education institution in Lithuania that provides officers for the Lithuanian Armed Forces. That makes almost double the number of young people that chose the path of an officer las year.

"The Lithuanian Armed Forces is growing and needs motivated and energetic junior leaders, therefore we are very happy to see the number of first year cadets in the Military Academy of Lithuania grow almost by 40 percent in comparison to last year. These young people have the motivation to choose the path of an officer which is not always the easy one but it is always meaningful," acting Commandant of the Academy Chief of Staff Lt Col Rolandas Greibus says. He underscored that it was the highest number of entrants in 16 years.

Schoolyear for cadets at the Military Academy of Lithuania begin earlier that to other higher education students. First, all of them are undergoing the Basic Cadet Training Course at the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment. Graduation from the Course means basics in individual training have been acquired and cadets will proceed to take the oath of allegiance in September and carry on with the studies at the Academy.

The Military Academy cadets can choose from three university-level study programmes: International Relations have been chosen by 27 first year cadets, Management of Defence Technologies - by 21, and National Security and Defence - by 29.

According to Lt Col R. Greibus, officer training has to meet high criteria, therefore study programmes are monitored and updated. The entire studying process at the Military Academy of Lithuania is also constantly refined to achieve the best quality. One of the key strategic trends is precisely the top-level cadet and student-centric university and military studies.
The cadets will be able to take part in student exchange programmes and study at prestigious U.S. and European universities, while back at the Military Academy of Lithuania they will be taught by highly qualified scientific degree-holders, Lithuanian and foreign professors and lecturers, globally renowned EU and NATO experts, ambassadors, diplomats.

The first officer rank of lieutenant will be bestowed on and higher education diplomas will be presented the graduates of the Military Academy of Lithuania after three and a half years.

Over 71% of Lithuanian residents say they trust the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The trust has increased by 5 percent points since last year, a public opinion poll carried out in December 2018 by request of the Ministry of National Defence shows.

Photo credit: Military Academy of Lithuania

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