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Warships of NATO allies to visit Klaipėda


On April 5-8 warships of our NATO allies will visit Klaipėda Seaport ahead of taking part in historic ordnance disposal exercise in the Baltic Sea DEUSQUADEX 19-1/BALTEX on April 8-10.

On April 5 warship from 8 countries will pier at Klaipėda Seaport for a three-day visit: mine countermeasures ships FGS Weilheim (Germany), FGS Bad Rappenau (Germany), LVA Talivaldis (Latvia), HNoMS Rauma (Norway), ORP Bukowo (Poland), and command and supply ships ir vadovavimo bei logistinio aprūpinimo laivai FGS Rhein (Germany), FGS Donau (Germany) and LVA Virsaitis (Latvia).

Ship commanders are planned to meet with the Mayor of Klaipėda and leadership of the Lithuanian Navy. A preparation conference will be held in Klaipėda ahead of the historical explosive ordnance disposal operation DEUSQUADEX 19-1/BALTEX.


Residents and guests of Klaipėda are invited to visit the ships on Saturday and Sunday between 1300 and 1500hrs at Klaipėda Cruise Ship and Warship Terminal.


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The historical ordnance disposal operation led by the German Navy, DEUSQUADEX 19-1/BALTEX , will be held in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania for the first time. Before the ships arrive in Lithuania to take part in the operation on April 8-10, it took place in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Latvia. The part of the operation in Lithuania's territorial waters will be conducted by the foreign warships and Lithuania's LNS Skalvis mine countermeasures vessel.

Traditionally, every three years Lithuania hosts NATO-led international historical explosive ordnance disposal operation Open Spirit which involves a big number of warships from NATO allies and partners. This year Open Spirit 2019 will take place in Lithuania in May. The most recent Open Spirit was held in Lithuania's territorial waters and exclusive economic zone in 2016, as a result, the area of 54 nautical miles was swept of 15 naval mines, 3 torpedoes and 3 shipwrecks.



Photo credits: Giedrė Maksimovicz and Rūta Šaltmerytė

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