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Chapel of Vytautas


Exposition at the chapel of Vytautas was creaed with an intention to reconstruct the spirit of the 4th decade of the 20th century. The majority of objects in the exposition were there 70 years ago as well. The statue of Vytautas the Great,custom-made by one of the most renown Lithuania's sculptors Vladas Grybas in 1934, occupies the central position. Portraits of Lithuania's sovereigns painted by famous interwar artists (J. Mackevičius, P. Kalpokas, V. Didžiokas, J. Janulis, J. Vienožinskis, etc.) are displayed in the main hall of the museum. Gallery of the Lords includes 30 portraits starting with King Mindaugas and ending with Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis, the last King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. Paintingsof the most important battles before and during the rule of Vytautas (Saulės Battle , 1236, by A. Krūka; Durbės Battle, 1260, by V. Norkus; Mūšis near the Blue Waters, 1362, by P. Griušys; The Battle of Tannenberg, 1410, by I. Rudolfas (a copy of the painting by J. Mateika) are hung nearby). The hall also accommodates one of the most valuable pieces of art kept in the Vytautas the Great War Museum - the painting "Vytautas' Oath" by J. Styka (1901), artistically displayed cannons used by the LGD forces in the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, armor sets of the 15th-16th centuries.


Photo - the central position is occupied by the statue of Vytautas ordered by the Museum at one of the most famous Lithuanian sculptors Vladas Grybas in 1934.

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