Lithuanian Armed Forces
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Sections of the Museum

Archeology Section continues with the traditions of the establisher of the Museum Gen Vladas Nagevičius, conducts archeological research, collects, records, organizes, keeps and manages archeological findings, conducts scientific research, consults and renders information for visitors, arranges movable and stationary displays and expositions.
Head of the Section Kristina Rickevičiūtė. Tel. (8 37) 32 12 48.

Section of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy Soldiership History explores soldiership history of the 13th - 18th century Lithuanian Grand Duchy and represents it in the main exposition of the Museum, arranges long-term or movable displays for the battles of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy and other significant dates which are essential for understanding features and development of soldiership in the Lithuanian Grand Duchy. Personnel of the section deliver lectures, publish research material in the publications of the Vytautas the Great War Museum and others.
Head of the Section Eduardas Brusokas. Tel. (8 37) 22 28 47.

Soldiership History (1795-1940) Section collects and keeps museum values on the theme of soldiership history, conducts scientific research, informs the society, makes reconstructions of military uniforms, prepares stationary expositions and displays on the Lithuanian national units and Lithuanians in the armed forces of other countries. An exhaustive history of the most influential battles and encounters is told in the expositions (war or 1812, uprisings of 1831 and 1863, World War I). There a lot of ammunition and weaponry, examples of uniforms, lithography pieces and reproductions from this period. A particular focus is placed on the development of a Lithuanian national armed forces, Freedom Fights (1918-1920), the Revolt of Klaipėda in 1923, history of the armed forces in the inter-war Lithuania. Special attention is paid to the transatlantic flight of Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas.
Head of the Section Dalė Naujalienė. Tel. (8 37) 42 21 49.

Soldiership History of the Recent Section looks into the period from 1940 to 1990, follows the life of the armed forces of the re-established Lithuania and its involvement in multinational peacekeeping missions, collects exhibits related to inter-war officers and soldiers after occupations, Lithuanian soldiers who served in foreign and USSR armies, participated in a range of wars of the 20th century (World War II, wars of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc.), organizes permanent expositions and displays, organizes events about famous Lithuanian officers, their families after the Soviet occupation of 1940, records burial sites of the volunteer fighters of the Republic of Lithuania and cavaliers of the Order of the Cross of Vytis, cooperates with the Cultural Values Protection Department and institutions of monument protection.
Head of the Section Algirdas Markūnas. Tel. (8 37) 20 96 20.

Underground Printing House "ab" Subsection of the Soldiership History of the Recent Times Section's personnel collects and organizes anti-Soviet and anti-Nazi press of Lithuania's underground, exhibits related to the theme including a arrange of publishing means and mechanisms, conducts permanent expositions and displays about the publishers and distributors of press in the occupied Lithuania and Soviet camps in from 1940 to 1990, guides tours, organizes events.

Senior museum keeper of the Section Birutė Andziulienė. Tel. (8 37)55 32 49.
Address: Salių str., Domeikavos sen., LT-54376 Kauno Distr.


Education and Information Section conducts cultural and educational activities: general and theme tours, educational programs, commemorations of state holidays, historical dates, opening of expositions, museum events, lectures, prepares articles for publishing, informs society about the expositions and displays open at the Museum, cooperates with educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, units of the National Defence System, public organizations.
Head of the Section Regina Rajeckienė. Tel. (8 37) 32 09 39.


Record and Protection of Funds Section protects, records and organizes all the Museum's collections except the archeological ones (weapon, photography, negative collections, collections by Balys Buračas, objects, pieces of art, pieces of numismatics, press, auxiliary material collections), organizes displays. There are 237 528 2011 exhibits kept in the Museum according to the 1 January 2011 data. The Section is responsible for the Weaponry History Hall which presents to the viewer development of history of light fire arms and cold steel (swords, sabers, court swords and broadswords) from the 16th century to the first half of the 20th century, as well as for the exposition "The Most Interesting Exhibits" in the Great Hall.
Head Funds keeper Janina Karosevičiūtė. Tel. (8 37) 32 07 09.
Personnel of the funds groups tel. (8 37) 42 66 64.


Vilnius Military Enginery and Transport Section collects various museum values: military enginery, means of communication, weaponry, that were used in the Lithuanian Armed Forces from 1990 till present day, collects and keeps information related to the enginery kept in the section, conducts small works of restoration and repair, guides tours.
Head of the Section Maj (retired) Virgilijus Kudrauskas. Tel. (8 5) 269 76 96.
Address: Olandų str. 21 A, LT-01100 Vilnius.





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