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Military Service

The contemporary Lithuanian Armed Forces is a motivated military capability ready to defend their homeland, successfully contributing to multinational operations and rendering assistance to the people of Lithuania in case of emergencies. A person is the fundamental priority in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Military personnel serving in the Lithuanian Armed Forces have excellent service and lodging conditions, great attention is paid to their healthcare and medical care. Lithuanian military have the opportunities of improving their qualification, acquiring new knowledge, positive and useful experience.

Types of service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces:

Basic military training

Law on Military Conscription of the New Wording of the Republic of Lithuania came into force on September 1, 2011, providing for a 12-week Basic Military Training conducted on a voluntary basis and for incentives for young people.
Conscripts from 18 to 38 years old - men and women who have not completed the Compulsory Basic Military Service and have not acquired the Basic Military Training by other methods - are invited to join the Basic Military Training on a voluntary basis. However, the Law does allow for a mandatory conscription of 19-26 years old males at random order in case a sufficient number of voluntary conscripts have not turned out. The Basic Military Training is delivered at the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment in Rukla. During the training conscripts are taught weapon handling, using communication devices, rendering first medical aid, elements of tactics, topography, military engineering, and military formation.

During the Basic Military Training period participants receive full state maintenance which includes feeding, lodging, clothing, social and life insurances, allowances for daily living needs, exemptions regarding central heating and other services for their family members.

Graduates of the Basic Military Training are considered to have undergone the Compulsory Basic Military Service, a part of them sign professional military service contracts. Those who do not are drawn into the trained military personnel reserve list of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Incentives are foreseen for the graduates of the Basic Military Training:
Reimbursement of a part of their tuition fees paid, priority to the state financed study positions
(the final decision about the competitive succession of the entrants who receive additional points is made by concrete educational institutions), subsidies for employment and placement (received by the employers who employ graduates of the Basic Military Service or whose employees complete the Compulsory Basic Military Service), priority in assuming public service positions (in case several candidates get an equal number of points), priority in entering professional educational institutions for statute public service and in seeking statute public service positions when no contest is required.

Junior staff officer training

Ministry of National Defence resume junior staff officer training for the higher educational intuitions students and invites them to enter the selection to the training.

Junior staff officer training is an opportunity for the students of higher educational institutions to acquire another, officer's, qualification within three years after their graduation from civilian educational institutions.

The graduates of the training will benefit by acquiring one more qualification and a military rank, along with that they will fulfil the duty to their homeland - the Compulsory Basic Military Service, and will have the opportunity to join the Lithuanian Armed Forces and seek officer's career.

The training takes three years: once a week higher educational institutions students will be studying warfare theory which they will apply in approximately two-week long field training held during their summer holidays.
During the junior staff officer training the students will receive comprehensive maintenance.
The junior staff officer training will be organised in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.


Active reserve - service in the National Defence Volunteer Force

Today the National Defence Volunteer Force (NDVF) is an active segment of the Lithuanian Armed Forces reserve ready to complete a wide range of tasks.

Military volunteer service is discontinuous military service compatible with civil work or studies of the volunteer soldier. Military training events for volunteer soldiers take up from approximately 20 to 50 days per year. Exercises are usually held on weekends, however, various courses and longer training events may be held during workweek as well. Volunteer soldiers receive financial reimbursements of the time spent on service (i.e. a pay for the days spent on service is given which coincides with the salary paid for professional military service soldiers of equivalent ranks), costs related to the completion of service are discharged and social securities are granted.

On the basis of voluntary and selective principles citizens of the Republic of Lithuania between the age of 18 and 55 can enrol into the NDVF. Contract of a volunteer service cannot span less than 3 and more than 5 years. A person who signs the contract makes an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Lithuania. The contract may be extended once it expires. While conducting the service volunteer soldiers obtain a military qualification, participate in military exercises and multinational missions.

Professional military service

Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania up to 35 years old without previous conviction record who have completed the Compulsory Basic Military Service and the Basic Military Training, who have graduated from the Lithuanian Military Academy or serve in the NDVF are able to join the professional military service on the basis of voluntary and selective principles.

The professional military service is joined via signing a professional military service contract.
In case an aspirant has not completed the Compulsory Basic Military Service and has not acquired the required basic military training in any other way, he or she undergoes a trial period before being taken into service during which the aspirant undergoes the Basic Military Training Course.





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