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Commander of Air Base

  Lieutenant Colonel Antanas MATUTIS
DATE OF BIRTH:             16th November 1976
PLACE OF BIRTH:            Šiauliai district, Lithuania.
FAMILY:                          Married. Has daughter and son.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND            Pilot- engineer.
 1999                               Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Antanas Gustaitis‘ Aviation Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania;
 2007Squadron Officer‘s School, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL USA;
 2016Air Command and Staff Collage, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, USA.
 1999 - 2000Helicopter sq pilot of the 1st Air Base;
 2000 - 2002Helicopter sq pilot of the 2 nd Air Base;
 2002 - 2007Helicopter sq senior pilot of the 2 nd Air Base;
 2007 - 2008Helicopter sq senior pilot of the Air Force Base;
 2008 - 2010Helicopter sq flight commander of the Air Force Base;
 2010 - 2013Deputy Helicopter sq commander of the Air Force Base;
 2013 - 2014Chief of the S3 of the Air Force Base;
 2014 - 2015Helicopter sq commander of the Air Force Base;
 2016 - 2017Chief of the A3 of the Lithuanian Air Force HQ;
 Since 2017-08-11Air Base commander.
 1999 Second Lieutenant
 2002 First Lieutenant
 2005 Captain
 2013 Major
 2017 Lieutenant Colonel
 FLIGHT EXPERIENCE:     approx. 1900 hours, Cessna-172, Cessna-152, Mi-8.


Divisions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal for Distinguished Service;

 2011 and 2014

National Defence System of the Republic of Lithuania Medal for Deployment on International Missions;

 2011 and 2014

Non Article 5 NATO medal in relation to the ISAF Operation;
 2012Lithuanian Air Force Sign of Honor „Steel Wings".


 English, Russian.



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