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Chief Master Sergeant of the Lithuanian Air Base

 Sergeant Major Nerijus PETRAVIČIUS
 DATE OF BIRTH:  10th August 1976
 PLACE OF BIRTH:        Palanga, Lithuania
 FAMILY: Married, has two sons
 EDUCATION AND BACKGROUND:                                


Holds a bachelor's degree of Cadastral and Real estate measurements engineering;


National NCO school;
 British Royal Marines BM course;


United States Marine Corps SNCO academy Senior Enlisted NCO Advance course.

 1995-1996Conscript service, rifleman, squad and platoon leader;
 1998 Company sergeant of Staff Coy at the Peace Keeping Forces Training Centre;
 1998-2000Company sergeant of Staff Coy at the Lithuania's Great Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment;
 2000-2001 Sergeant of Heavy Weaponry Coy squad of Lithuania's Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion;
 2001-2007 Plans specialist at the LTU Air Force HQ A3 Operations & Plans division;
 2007-2010Air & Air Defence analyst in A2 ISR division in NATO Allied Air Command HQ Ramstein, Germany;
 2010Chief of Security section of Command and Reporting Center of Air Surveillance and Control Command;
 2010-2016Senior intelligence specialist in LTU Air Force HQ A2 Intelligence section;
 As of 13th August 2016 Air Base Command Sergeant Major


Regional Command West HQ, Herat City, Afghanistan.

Ministry of Defence Medal for Deployment on International Missions;

NATO Non-Article V (ISAF) Medal;

 2012Forces Medal of Merit
 2015Armed Forces Medal for Outstanding Service.
 English, Russian.



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