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Air Defence Battalion of the Lithuanian Air Forces






 While developing and strengthening air defence capabilities of the Lithuanian Air Force (LTAF), focus was also paid on organisation of air defence by establishing an air defence battalion.


In 1998, efforts to develop and strengthen the LTAF defnce capabilities began under supervision of Col Č. Braziulis. That same year, Swedish Defence officials offered to donate weaponry, technical documentation and training programmes to for a battalion.


At this time, the idea of establishing the battalion started to become a reality. From 1999 to 2000 a group of LTAF troops took studies in military training institutions units in Sweden, where they received theoretical knowledge and practical experience working with battalion weaponry.

In July 2000, the LTAF established the Air Defence Battalion. Lieutenant Colonel R. Daujotis was appointed as Commander of the Battalion. In September 2000, the Battalion received the first consignment of combat equipment from Sweden. Another shipment of combat equipment and ammunition arrived at the end of 2000. According to the bilateral agreement with Sweden, Swedish advisers who help Lithuanians adapt to the battalion's equipment presently work in the Air Defence Battalion.


By the end of 2000, the air Defence Battalion received one more dispatch and ammunition.



The Air Defence Battalion's primary missions include:

  • Defend state facilities of vital importance against military aviation attacks from the air in low and medium altitude;

  • Support land forces in fighting against ground armoured technical equipment and in other events;

  • Train military personnel in carrying out combat tasks.


Development of infrastructure is one key missions of the Air Defence Battalion currently in the stage of development.


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