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Command Sergeant Major of Defence Staff




CSM Virginijus Molis is a Command Sergeant Major of Defence Staff of the Armed Forces of Lithuania.


CSM Molis was born on 11 November, 1971. He was enlisted into the Armed Forces of Lithuania as a volunteer of National Defense Volunteer Forces (NDVF) in 1993. After 6 month of service, he signed a first contract as a professional military service member in the NDVF in his home town Varėna. Other duty assignments include: Platoon specialist, Guard platoon, NDVF; Deputy Chief of the Guard platoon commander, NDVF; Section Leader, Transportation Service of the Armed Forces of Lithuania; S3 specialist of the Movement Control Center (MCC) of the Armed Forces of Lithuania; Command Sergeant Major of the Military Academy of Lithuania; Command Sergeant Major of the Logistics Support Command of the Armed Forces of Lithuania. CSM Virginijus Molis was deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 where he served as a Logistics specialist of Lithuanian led Provincial Reconstruction Team at National Support Element in Kabul (KAIA).


CSM Molis military education includes: Squad Leader (Infantry) Course; Platoon Sergeant (Infantry) Course; Platoon commander (Infantry) Course; Transportation management coordinator course (US, Transportation school); Instructor course No. 1; Allied Deployment and Movement System (ADAMS) basic and advance courses (Italy, Latina, NATO Communication and Information School). He is a graduate of the U. S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, Class 59. CSM Molis holds a bachelor's degree in Defense and Security Institutions Management.


CSM Molis awards and decorations include: Ministry of Defense Medal for Deployment on International Missions; Ministry of Defense Commemorative Medal of Lithuania's Accession to NATO; Forces level Medal for Distinguished Service; Forces level medal for Outstanding Service; NATO Non-Article V (ISAF) Medal; NCO Professional Development Ribbon (No. 4);

National Defense Volunteer Forces Badge.


CSM Molis is married to Jurgita and they have two daughters.




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