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Combat training

Combat training significance

Combat training is the priority at the Land Forces. After joining the NATO combat training of the Lithuanian Armed Forces plays very important role. Well prepared soldiers, sophisticated understanding of the contemporary soldiership, preparation to defend Motherland, ability to participate in the multinational wide spectrum and intensity operations is the main and indispensable to the National defence system. Therefore the Land Forces give a particular attention to combat training, and steady need to deepen knowledge is the exceptional feature of the Land Forces' troops.

Service engaged troops' preparation is conducted continually; volunteers' training is conducted when they are called up for service, 20 to 50 days per year. Military preparation is connected with servicemen career. New knowledge is gained and the potential for expansion is unfolded when servicemen have a possibility to try themselves in various positions.


Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" units at the combat training exercise
Pictures by S. Žiūra and G. Mockevičius

Combat training organization

The Great Lithuanian Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment in Rukla (Jonava district) organizes 12 weeks length basic professional military service course. Later individual and collective combat training is proceeded at Lithuanian Armed Forces' units and in Land Forces Juozas Lukša Training Center in Rukla.

Volunteers are prepared at Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer territorial units, Land Forces Juozas Lukša Training Center and at Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Training Battalion.

The main combat training planning, organization and control body at the Lithuanian Land Forces is the Land Forces Command Staff, which also implements international cooperation plans in the combat training scope.

Nowadays the main task for the combat training is to conduct preparation for the defence. The aim is to have deployable, sustainable for the certain period forces, ready to implement assumed national and international commitments.

LF Combat Training priorities for 2012:

  1. Preparation for NATO International Security assistance Forces (ISAF) operation in Afghanistan; 
  2. Preparation for peace time tasks in Lithuania;
  3. Preparation for the state armed defense according early prepared State Armed Defence Operational Plan.
 NRF-14, Strong Shield 

Exercise "Strong Shield 2008"                                    PRT-15 exercise (2011)
Pictures from LFC archive




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