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International cooperation

The spectrum of international cooperation of the Land Forces ranges from participation in various bilateral and multinational projects of different length and level to international operations, international training, seminars and conferences.

Lithuania currently conducts capabilities planning, and Land Forces maintain the capabilities for national demand and, in accordance with NATO commitments, capabilities for NATO and EU high readiness forces, NATO International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF).

There are several projects in which Lithuanian Land Forces and Land Forces units now participate together with foreign partners: NATO Response Forces (NRF) (see more in section "Forces on duty") and NATO-led operation ISAF.


Lithuanian troops in Baltic Battalion

Pictures by A. Pliadis and N. Vitas

LITBRIG (Lithuanian Brigade) project and Mechanized Infantry Brigade (MIB) "Iron Wolf" affiliation with Danish Division. In 2004 Denmark initiated bilateral LITBRIG project between Denmark and Lithuania. The main purpose of this project was until the end of 2014 to prepare MIB "Iron Wolf" staff and the entire brigade to fully participate in NATO military activities and operations, to ensure systematic and purposeful activity and responsibility of all units that participate in this project. On August 31 2006, the memorandum of MIB Iron Wolf affiliation with Danish division was signed in Denmark. According to this memorandum joint military exercises are conducted and Lithuanian officers are provided an opportunity to serve at Danish division headquarters.

Other projects. It will be observed already accomplished international projects: LITART (Danish military assistance to establish Genaral Romualdas Giedraitis artillery battalion), LITBAT (Danish military assistance to prepare the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas mechanized infantry battalion according to the NATO requirements), LITPOLBAT (a joint Lithuanian - Polish battalion established to conduct international operations), BALTBAT (a joint Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian battalion established to conduct international operations), Swedish military assistance to Lithuanian Land Forces project (in 2001 - 2004 Sweden transferred to Lithuania armament and technical equipment of two infantry battalions, engineer, staff and support companies and instructed to use the equipment).

3B LF Comms

Commanders of Baltic States Armies Land Forces: EST, LTU, LAT (2012)

Picture by E. Žygaitis

Multinational and bilateral cooperation. Lithuanian Land Forces cooperate not only with NATO states (Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, the USA, Poland, Norway and the UK) but also with other countries. Events are held according to bilateral and multinational cooperation plans that are annually prepared and coordinated beforehand. It is necessary to mention a close cooperation between the Baltic State Land Forces. The cooperation is conducted for military units and troops participating in trilateral projects such as BALTBAT (1994 - 2003), Baltic Battalion, joint events coherent with LITBRIG, ESTBRIG, LATBRIG projects, international exercise AMBER HOPE (2003, 2005, 2007, 2011) and in others events. The main direction for the future is the Baltic States Land Forces participation in the USA Army Europe held international exercise in the Baltic state "Saber Strike" and in joint LITBRIG, ESTBRIG and LATBRIG projects.  

 AH11Amber Hope 2011 

International exercise "Amber Hope 2011"

Pictures by T. Nichols and L. Ambroževičiūtė

Land Forces representatives now are participating in trilateral Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG project development. It is planned that trilateral brigade will participate in future international peace support operations. The project is headed by Poland. 

Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf ". From the very beginning of the foundation MIB "Iron Wolf" cooperates with the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Denmark. Danish Armed Forces assisted in preparing units from platoon to company level (LITPLA, LITCOY, LITCON) for participation in peace support operations in Croatia, Bosnia and later in Iraq.


Lithuanian troops in Iraq

Pictures from MIB "Iron Wolf" archive

Danish Armed Forces representatives assist in training Lithuanian Tactical Air Controler Parties (TACP) now. After special preparation these TACPs participate in NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan along with Danish soldiers.

MIB "Iron Wolf" and its units closely cooperate with the USA, the UK, Sweden, Finland and other states military structures not only in preparing reconnaissance, logistic, communications and air defence specialists but also in participating in joint multinational exercise.

National Defence Volunteer Forces cooperation. Latvian, Estonian, Danish, Norway, the UK, and the USA National Defence Volunteer Forces' structures cooperate not only during military exercise but in exchanging experience, conducting agitation activities, organizing courses, charity projects as well.




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