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Battalion Commander

Battalion commander

Lieutenant Colonel Marijus Jonelis

Rukla, Jonava district,  

LT- 55025, +370 612 38 854


Vilnius district


1996 General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania
1998 Artillery Officer Course (Bundeswehr Artillery School, Germany)
1999 Army Officer Course (Bundeswehr Army Officer Academy, Germany)
2000 Exercise Planning Course (Training and Doctrine Command)
2001 Staff Officer Course (Lucerne Army Training Centre, Switzerland)
2002 Artillery Battalion Commander Course (Self-propelled Artillery Battalion, Germany)
2002 Environmental Protection Course for Base Commanders (Warfare Training Centre)
2007 PRT Afghanistan Course (NATO School, Germany)
2007 TAVVIS User Course (NCO School)
2008 JCATS Operator Course (Warfare Training Centre)
2008 Command and Junior Staff Officer Course (General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania)
2013 International Security Management Procurement and Finance Course (US)
2015 Joint Command and Staff Course (Estonia)
2015 Public Procurement for Beginners (Lithuania)
2016 Environmental Protection Course for Unit Commanders (Warfare Training Centre)
2017 Training for Employer, Person Authorised by Employer on Personnel Work Safety and Healthcare (Lithuania)
2017 Fire Safety Training for Heads and Responsible Personnel of Companies, Authorities, and Organisations (Lithuania)



 SERVICE1996 Platoon Commander (Separate Commandant Battalion)
1999 Artillery Officer (MIB Iron Wolf)
2003 Company Commander (Algirdas Battalion)
2006 S3 Head (Kęstutis Battalion)
2011 Planning Officer (MoD Capability Planning Department)
2014 Advisor (MoD Defence Policy and Planning Department)
2015 Chief of Staff (Artillery Battalion)
2018 Commander (Artillery Battalion)


1996 second lieutenant
1999 first lieutenant
2002 captain
2009 major

2016 Lieutenant Colonel

2006 Divisions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal for Distinguished Service
2006 National Defence System of the Republic of Lithuania Commemorative Medal of Lithuania's Accession to NATO
2007 National Defence System of the Republic of Lithuania Medal for Deployment on International Missions
2007 Non-Article 5 NATO Medal - International Security Assistance Force
2010 National Defence System of the Republic of Lithuania Medal for Deployment on International Missions (badge No. 2)
2016 MIV Iron Wolf Badge of Honour "Iron Wolf"



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