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International operations


General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion soldiers participated in these  international operations

LITCON-6            IRAQ


PRT-5                 AFGHANISTAN


 PRT-9                 AFGHANISTAN   2009





PRT-17               AFGHANISTAN










In LITCON-6 contingent 8 soldiers‘section from General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion took part in the international operation.


PRT - 5

21 soldiers from General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion took part in the peace support operation in Afghanistan, in PRT- 5 contingent.


PRT - 9

The international peace support operation in Afghansitan (PRT - 9) could be named as the biggest challenge in the battalion history. In this operation battalion participated in its full composition, supported with soldiers from other Lithuanian Armed Forces units. Together with Lithuanian soldiers in the PRT-9 shift was personnel from other countries as well.  PRT -9 shift was headed by Lt. Col. Alvydas Šiuparis, commander of General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion. The main tasks for PRT were to assist Afghanistan government to expand authority in Ghowr province, to ensure security and to capacitate proper conditions to the province reconstruction. The battalion worthily accomplished all assigned tasks.

 2 4
3     5

Photos from GRG AB archive.


On August 22, 2012 -  decorations were bestowed on Lithuanian troops redeployed after the mission in Afghanistan, the ceremony took place at the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian armed Forces. Chief of the Joint Headquarters Col Vilmantas Tamošaitis presented badges of the medal for Deployment on International Missions for members of the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) indicating that it has been a repeated deployment on the mission, and three TACP troops were honoured with the Divisions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal for Distinguished Service.

The IInd Tactical Air Control Party of the General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion performed its key function of providing coordination for air-ground attacks of combat aircraft throughout the half-year duty period in the south of Afghanistan, province of Helmand, in composition of the Danish Contingent.

Currently around 250 Lithuanian troops serve in Afghanistan. Military personnel of the National Support Element and the Lithuanian Special Mission in Afghanistan are based Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A part of Lithuania's troops contributed to the International Security Assistance Force's (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan are deployed in western Afghanistan, ISAF Regional Command-West (RC-W) in Herat. Chaghcharan-based Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) of Ghowr implements its activities, Police Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (POMLT) provides assistance in training officers of the Afghan National Police, and Military Advisory Team trains military forces of Afghanistan deployed in Ghowr. In the south of Afghanistan, province of Kandahar, Lithuanian Special Operations troops fulfil Lithuania's commitments to common security and the Air Mentoring Team provides training for helicopter pilots and maintenance personnel of the Afghan National Army.




Last provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan, Chagcharan, from May 2013 till September 2013.





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