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Tasks and Functions

The purpose of General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion (GRG AB) is to provide fire support for the Land forces units.
 To pursue its purposes GRG AB fulfils a number of functions:
1. Provides fire support for MIB "Iron Wolf" and other manoeuvre units; 
2. Completes tasks of protection of forces;  
3. Completes tasks of combat provision and administration during operations;  
4. Completes tasks of leadership and management during operation;
5. In case of necessity, conducts specific tasks of infantry divisions;
6. Organises maintenance and repair of special equipment and armaments; 
7. Makes plans of GRG AB combat training, and arranges and fulfils training of divisions to be ready to fulfil the set tasks;
8. Participates in implementing propositions of NATO forces;  
9. Within its scope cooperates with civilian institutions and other social organisations making direct contribution to strengthening National Defence System and preparing society for conducting defence of Lithuania;
10. Prepares budget aplication for definite tasks;
11. Completes storage and write-off the assets assigned and transferred by GRG AB or self acquire, according to the order set by law;
12. Supports police and civilian authorities as well as conducts other peacetime tasks according to the order set by law; 
13. Maintains relations with society and participates in social life.

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