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International operations



Battalion is a part of multinational Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG. The Brigade headquarters and staff are located in Lublin, Poland. The LITPOLUKRBRIG battalions are held on standby in their home countries, and deploy in composition of LITPOLUKRBRIG in case a decision is made to activate the Brigade or any of its elements.
The LITPOLUKRBRIG is made up of an international staff, three battalions and special-purpose units. Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine each assigns an infantry battalion, and personnel for special-purpose units and the LITPOLUKRBRIG staff. LITPOLUKRBRIG maneuver battalions are the Lithuanian Army Land Forces Grand Duchess Birute Uhlan Battalion (Lithuania), 5 Podhale Rifleman battalion (Poland), 1 Airmobile Battalion of the 80 Airborne Brigade (Ukraine). Also, there is a number of battle support and logistic units in the Brigade structure.
Representatives of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania are assigned to the positions of LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff on a three years rotating basis. The current LITPOLUKRBRIG commander is Colonel Zenon Brzuszko (Polish Armed Forces). Second in command is Deputy Commander Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov (Ukrainian Armed Forces). Lieutenant Colonel Eligijus Senulis (Lithuanian Armed Forces) has been assigned as the Chief of Staff of the LITPOLUKRBRIG.
The LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel participates in joint training and exercises, the Brigade or its elements might be deployed to international operations mandated by the United Nations Security Council, while decision regarding deployment of the LITPOLUKRBRIG to international operations will be made by general consent of all the establishing countries.




Stand-by in the European Union Battle Group





In the second half of 2016, a company of Birutė Uhlan Battalion was on standby for a European Union Battle Group (EU BG). Lithuanians carried out the six-month standby together with colleagues from Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The core of the EU BG was composed of three infantry maneuver companies - two British and one Lithuanian. All the military personnel assigned to the EU BG was on standby in their home bases throughout the duty period maintaining very high readiness to deploy into an area of operation in case such a decision is made within a set period of time. The EU Battle Groups are a multinational force formed following the example of the NATO Response Force to provide a speedy response to developing crises. It is formed by military units assigned for six-month standby periods by EU member states.






 Stand-by in the EU Nordic Battlegroup


In the first half of 2015, one platoon of the battalion was on stand-by in the European Union Nordic Battlegroup. Multinational unit led by Sweden, formed of Irish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish troops was ready to respond to threats, if a decision to activate the force was taken. If the battlegroup was activated, battalion troops would have acted as HQ Security Platoon.
During stand-by time high readiness Lithuanian soldiers assigned to the battlegroup served in their permanent deployment locations in Lithuania and were ready to depart for specified mission area within 5-10 days.





ISAF (International Security Assistance Force)


From 2005 to 2013, Lithuania led a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) of Ghor Province in Afghanistan. The Lithuanian-led PRT was a multinational and inter-agency effort. Georgian, Ukrainian and United States military and civilian personnel served alongside Lithuanian military and civilians.
From April till December in 2008 and 2012 the battalion took part in the UN-mandated ISAF operation in Afghanistan, Ghor province. The 7th and 15th PRT shifts were mainly formed from the battalion troops. 140 Grand Duchess Birute Motorised Infantry Battalion members commanded by Lt. Col. Ramunas Baronas (PRT-7) and Lt. col. Artūras Radvilas (PRT-15) were joined by Georgian, American, and Ukrainian troops as well. The main goal of the PRTs is to help Afghan authorities expand their influence in the province, ensure security and stability as well as form suitable conditions for reconstructing the province.



Operation "Iraqi freedom"

From August 2003 till February 2006 platoon size troops from the Lithuanian Grand Duchess Birutė Motorised Infantry Battalion on a rotation basis participated in peace support operation in Iraq. 

The soldiers of LITDET (Lithuanian detachment) platoons carried out their duties near the town of Al-Hillah in the Polish-controlled sector. 

Tasks of Lithuanian peacekeepers in Iraq included ensuring safety of the local population, preventing criminal activities, trafficking in weapons and drugs. Lithuanian troops assisted the local police in guarding and patrolling important facilities of administration, health, education and culture, and industrial assets; they also take part in training the local police in conducting their duties. Lithuanian soldiers are also tasked to ensure secure humanitarian assistance delivery to remote villages within their area of responsibility and take part in joint operations with coalition partners.



NATO-led "Joint Guardian" operation

In the strength of a platoon, battalion's military soldiers had performed within the composition of the joint Ukrainian and Polish Battalion POLUKRBAT as part of an international operation in the province of Kosovo (Serbia and Montenegro) since 2001 till 2003. Three rotations of Lithuanian contingent were involved in the mission in Kosovo. While on the mission, they performed a variety of tasks ranging from the protection of peacekeepers' campsite and individual objects, patrolling in the battalion's area of responsibility to the guard at checkpoints on the border with former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia. They also carry out rapid reaction and other tasks.

Lithuanian platoons were based in Camp "White Eagle" with POLUKRBAT in the east of Kosovo, near Kacanik.






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