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Missions and operations

Contemporary threats bring a lot of political instability and conflicts accross various regions of the world. Therefore, nowadays the requirements the troops have to meet are much higher than before. Besides all nowadays troops have to participate in multinational operations of various types and intensity beyond the borders of Lithuania.

Lithuanian troops go to the hottest spots of the world without waiting to crisis consequences to reach Lithuania.   

Such missions add to a new image of the soldier - a contemporary soldier must be prepared not only in the military frame, but also be educated, to understand political issues, be able to speak foreign languages. Lithuanian troops serving on international missions as a part of the multinational forces must be of a high morale, well trained and equipped.  

During a 15 years period more than 200 soldiers from King Mindaugas battalion have participated in various international missions.

On peace support missions and exercises battalion troops get familiar with NATO allies militaries, combat equipment and weaponry, peace support tasks and procedures. Troops, for example, conduct patrol, building clearance, VIP escort, convoy, conduct control post tasks, suppress riot, conduct reconnaissance, conduct camp and other objects security.

About 50 percent troops from King Mindaugas battalion have experience in international missions; some of them have already participated in missions twice or even more times. During some missions battalion troops have been attached to other units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces: LITPLA-1 in former Republic of Yugoslavia, PAG-2 in Afghanistan, LITDET-4, LITDET-5, LITCON-6 and LITCON-9 in Iraq. However, in some missions (shown below) a platoon or battalion size unit (approximately 30 - 80 troops) manned from King Mindaugas Battalion participated in some missions. 

For the first time battalion troops participated in mission during the period from March 2002 to September 2002 in Kosovo; later from June 2005 to February 2006 and from July 2006 to February 2007 in Iraq. In June 2005 Lithuanian troops landed to a war-impoverished Afghanistan and started to lead the first Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). For the second time King Mindaugas Battalion troops conducted their duty in Ghowr province from November 2007 to May 2008. Troops from King Mindaugas Battalion have successfully participated in all international missions - that shows their responsibility, professionalism and high military readiness.   

Peace support operation in Kosovo - KFOR-6, the majority of soldiers that had taken part in this operation were from the King Mindaugas Battalion

Peace support operation in Afghanistan - PRT-1 HQ platoon. This platoon was manned by the King Mindaugas Battalion

Peace support operation in Iraq - LITCON-8, the unit was formed by soldiers serving in the King Mindaugas Battalion


Peace support operation in Afghanistan - PRT-6. A battalion-sized unit participated in such kind of operations for the first time with the King Mindaugas Battalion as a lead unit

Peace support operation in Afghanistan - PRT-13 A battalion-sized unit


A look into the future

In the future the King Mindaugas Battalion will continue carrying out state and international commitments.





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