Lithuanian Armed Forces
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Tasks and functions


On order redeploy (deploy) battalion subunits or battalion size unit into to designated area of operation in foreign counties or in Lithuania, prepare for combat activities and pursue stability and support or defense type operations, act as separate unit or be integrated as part of higher structure.


  • Conduct tactical military reconnaissance;
  • Conduct maneuver operations;
  • Conduct fire support;
  • Conduct security tasks;
  • Conduct combat support during operations;
  • Conduct command and control during operations;
  • Prepare and confirm the King Mindaugas Hussar Battalion's combat training plans, organize and conduct units' training;
  • Cooperate with national institutions and agencies, other public organizations which directly  support the consolidation of the National Defence system;
  • Assist civil government;
  • Maintain a close relationship with the local society and participate in their activities;
  • Conduct other tasks according to the order set by law.



Updated on: 2018-08-20
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