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Lithuanian Duke Vaidotas Mechanized Infantry Battalion


"Let Our Courage, Stamina and Love to Motherland Guide Us!"



After the restoration of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania, the Minister of National Defence, Mr. A. Butkevičius, on January 2, 1992, appointed Lt. Col. Vytautas Lukavičius to the post of Commander of a separate Šiauliai Motorized Amphibious Battalion of the Field Army Brigade.

This day is celebrated as the Establishment Day of the Battalion.
On 19 May, 1995, the then Minister of National Defence, Linas Linkevičius, presented a combat flag of the battalion under the slogan of the pre-war 8th Infantry Regiment of the Duke Vaidotas of Kaunas: "Let our courage, stamina and love to motherland guide us".
On January 1, 2009, by virtue of Order No. V-1156 of the Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania as of 27 November, the Duke Vaidotas Forward Support Logistics Battalion of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was reassigned under the Motorized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. 

In 2012 Duke Vaidotas Forward Support Logistics Battalion reorganized into Duke Vaidotas Mechanized Infantry Battalion.







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