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Battalion History


The history of the battalion dates back to December 4, 1991, when the Motorized Airborne Battalion was formed in Vilnius. Later, in August 1993, the Battalion was redeployed to the Rukla base in Jonava Region.

The name of Grand Duke Algirdas was bestowed one the Battalion and it took over all the traditions associated with the Grand Duke Algirdas Regiment.

Pranas Liatukas was appointed its first commanding officer. The Grand Duke Algirdas Regiment had a vivid history of fighting and bravery on the battlefield. The Regiment participated in many independent fights defending Lithuanian freedom. Around 222 soldiers were decorated with the Cross of Vytis – the highest national award for battle bravery.

On February 10, 1996, the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Motorized Airborne Battalion was presented with a combat flag bearing the following slogan: “May Love of Motherland Guide our Way”.

Today Grand Duke Algirdas battalion as part of Quick Reaction Forces will preapre and conduct defensive, offensive and/or stabilization operations separately or with allies in order to defend sovereignity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Lithuania.





Updated on: 2017-01-06
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