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   The motorized Infantry Brigade ”Iron Wolf" was originated in June 1990 with the formation of separate Defence Squad, which was followed by the formation o a Honour Guard Company the same autumn. These units defended the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, the Media House, TV tower and other key establishments of the state against of the aggression of Soviet Army on January , 1991.
















On February 22, 1991 contemporary Director General of Defense department Audrius. Butkevičius issued order to establish Training Regiment. Česlovas Jezerskas was appointed as a commander of the Regiment. Later on the Training Regiment was reorganized as a military unit. In autumn of the same  year the units of the Training Regiment were formed into a Rapid Reaction Airborne Brigade.


In spring 1992 Col. Č. Jezerskas was appointed as a Brigade commander of the Rapid Reaction Airborne Brigade.


On June 6, 1992 the Airborne Brigade was awarded as Airborne Brigade "Iron Wolf".


On January 27, 1995 Lt. Col. Jonas Vytautas Žukas was appointed as a  commander of the Brigade.


On January  26, 1996 the Airborne brigade "Iron Wolf" was renamed to Motorized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf".


On August 21, 2001 Col. Vitalijus Vaikšnoras was appointed as a commander of the Brigade.


On October 1, 2003 Col. Gediminas Jurgutis was appointed as a commander of the Brigade.


In 2004 the bilateral project between Denmark and Lithuania LITBRIG has started. The aim of the project was to support Lithuania by training and advising the BDE Commander, the BDE staff and the BDE HQ Coy, in order to establish a national capacity to plan, train, evaluate and deploy BDE elements to international operations. LITBRIG project will last till 2015.


On May 19, 2005 Col. Darius Užkuraitis was appointed as a commander of the Brigade.


On August 31,  2006 in Denmark, Haderslev, a contemporary Chief of Defense of Lithuania Maj. Gen. Valdas Tutkus and Chief of Defense of Denmark Gen. Hans Jasper Helso have signed the Memorandum of MIB Iron Wolf affiliation with Danish division. According to this memorandum joint military exercise will be conducted and Lithuanian officers will be provided an opportunity to serve at Danish division headquarters.  


On June 27, 2008 Col. Vilmantas Tamošaitis was appointed as a  commander of the MIB "Iron Wolf".


On June 29, 2011 Col. Valdemaras Rupšys was appointed as a  commander of the MIB "Iron Wolf".





In 2012 a new structure of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was certified and the Motorised Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" was transformed into the Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf". This reformation was determined due to the establishment of a new concept of the defense. On January 18, King Mindaugas and Grand Duchess Birutė infantry battalions symbolycally waved goodbye to Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" and became separate units under the command of Land forces. 




On June 6, 2012 the Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" commemorate the 20th anniversary of being g  ranted the name of Iron Wolf.




On July 4, 2013 Col. Raimundas Vaikšnoras was appointed as a commander of the MIB "Iron Wolf".



On January 1, 2016 the MIB „Iron Wolf" underwent one more reorganisation to ensure its effectiveness in peace time and in case of war: two battalions were reasigned to it - King Mindaugas Hussar Battalion (based in Panevėžys) and the Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan Battalion (based in Alytus), while Kęstutis Battalion was attached to a newly formed unit, Motorised Infantry Brigade "Žemaitija" which became operational on January 1.



On January 8, 2016 LTC Mindaugas Steponavičius was appointed as a new commander of the MIB "Iron Wolf".







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