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International operations

   Soldiers of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" started conducting international operations in 1994 and have been successfully conducting them until present time. They participate in peace support operations; serve in international headquarters, logistic support or medical units. During international operations soldiers ensure security for local inhabitants, prevent criminal activities, provide support and assistance to local authorities, and conduct training and improvement projects for the national security forces.

   Unfortunately, Mechanised infantry brigade "Iron Wolf" could not avoid casualties in the international operations.

On 16 of April 1996 1st lt. Normundas Valteris was killed in action in Bosnia.
On 22 of June 2008 srg. Arūnas Jarmalavičius was killed in action in Chagcharan (Afghanistan).


   Soldiers of the brigade successfully conducted all assigned tasks in the Balkans and as a result in the period of 2003-2008 participated in the operation "Iraqi Freedom" (Iraq) led by USA.

   In April 2003 our specialists of logistic and medicine departed to Iraq. At the same year in June our first platoon "LITCON" has started its mission in Iraq. This platoon was dedicated from Lithuania Grand Duke mechanized battalion. Motorized infantry brigade "Iron Wolf" in the period 2003-2008 have constantly sent one platoon.


All the platoons are listed below:

LITCON-1 2003-06/2003-10 (Algirdas MIB), Al Qurnah, Al Medinah,
LITCON-2 2003-10/2004-02 (Algirdas MIB), Al Qurnah, Al Medinah,
LITCON-3 2004-02/2004-08 (Algirdas MIB), Al Qurnah, Al Medinah,
LITCON-4 2004-08/2004-11 (Algirdas MIB), Al Basrah,
LITCON-7 2006-02/2006-08 (Algirdas MIB),
LITCON-8 2006-08/2007-02 (Mindaugas MIB), Al Basrah,
LITCON-9 2007-02/2007-08 (Algirdas MIB),
LITCON-10 2007-11/2008-08 (Algirdas MIB).
LITDET-1 2003-08/2004-02 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila,
LITDET-2 2004-01/2004-07 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila,
LITDET-3 2004-07/2005-01 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila,
LITDET-5 2005-07/2006-01 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila.
DANCON-5 2004-12/2005-08 (Birutė MIB), Al Basrah,
DANCON-6 2005-07/2006-01 (Birutė MIB), Al Basrah.


Platoon LITCON 9 in the base, Iraq



Since 2005 Lithuanian Armed Forces have started to play a significant role in Afghanistan by leading the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Ghor province, soldiers of Mechanised Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" have started to participate in this mission as part of the PRT. 

Patrolling in Chagcharan

Patrol in the southern part of Ghowr province


   Several PRTs have already been formed on the basis of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" units:


PRT-3 - Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas mechanized infantry battalion;
PRT-5 - Lithuanian Grand Duke Kestutis motorized infantry battalion;
PRT-6 - King Mindaugas mechanized infantry battalion;
PRT-7 - Grand Duchess Birutė motorized infantry battalion;
PRT-9 - General Romualdas Giedraitis artillery battalion;
PRT-11 - Lithuanian Grand Duke Kestutis motorized infantry battalion;

PRT-12 - Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas mechanized infantry battalion;

PRT-13 - King Mindaugas mechanized infantry battalion.


LITCON-1 Iraq 2003-06/2003-10 (Algirdas MIB)





LITCON-2 2003-10/2004-02 (Algirdas MIB;), Al Qurnah, Al Medinah



Platoon commander 1st lt. Marius Steponavicius


LITDET-2 Iraq 2004-01/2004-07 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila



LITDET-2 Iraq 2004-01/2004-07 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila



LITCON-8 Iraq 2006-08-07/2007-02-14 Basra (Mindaugas MIB)



 Patrol in the market of Basra


DANCON-5 Iraq 2004-12/2005-08 (Birutė MIB), Al Basrah



Lithuanian soldiers support locals


DANCON-6 Iraq 2005-07/2006-01 (Birutė MIB), Al Basrah



 Mobile check point


LITDET-5 Iraq 2005-07/2006-01 (Birutė MIB), Al Hila



 Patrolling the suburb of Al Hila


PRT-7 Afghanistan 2008-04-28/2008-11-03 (Birutė MIB)



The landscape of Ghowr provice

Meeting with the locals


PRT-6 Afghanistan 2007-11/2008-05 (Mindaugas MIB)



  Support to the locals

 Lithuanian soldiers meet Afghanistan children


PRT - 9 Afghanistan 2009-05-17/2009-11-17 (Artillery battalion)


PRT-9 Foot patroll.
Opening ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction works of the first asfalt road in Chaghcharan 


PRT- 11 Afghanistan 2010-05-17 / 2010-11-17 (Kęstutis battalion)



 PRT - 11 Soldier ensures the security at the airport

 PRT - 11 soldiers conduct the training for local police.





















PRT - 12 Afghanistan 2010-11-17 / 2011-05-15 (Algirdas battalion)



Soldiers of PRT - 12 conduct training for soldiers of Afghanistan National Army

PRT - 12: Patrol into a remote areas of Ghowr province






















PRT - 13 Afghanistan 2011-11-15 / 2011-05-14 (Mindaugas battalion)



PRT- 13 flew the flag of Mindaugas battalion

for the second time in NATO ISAF mission

The commander of the PRT-13 presented the flag of Panevėžys city, where Mindaugas Battalion is located, for the mayor of Chaghcharan city in the Ghowr province


PRT - 17 Afghanistan 2013-05-18 / 2013-08-31 (Artillery battalion)


   The full withdrawal of the Lithuanian peacekeepers from Ghor and closure of the mission was completed by the autumn 2013, as a result of the gradual transfer of responsibility for security in the province onto the Afghan National Security Forces.

   The final PRT military contingent composed on the basis of the General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion will accomplish the PRT mission in Afghanistan.



 PRT-17 military contingent

 PRT base handover ceremony






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