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Tasks and Mission

Mechanized Infantry Brigade ”Iron Wolf"




    The mission of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" is to maintain required capabilities in order to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Lithuania, ensure interaction with Allied Forces, participate in NATO and international peace support operations, assist national and local authorities to respond the emergencies and conduct other peace time operations in Lithuania.


    In order to achieve the assigned tasks Brigade coherently organizes, conducts, evaluates and analyses the training of the subordinate units. The major combat training priorities of the brigade include preparation for the armed defence of the state; preparation for peace time tasks in Lithuania; combat training of PRTs; participation in national and international military exercises and military cooperation projects.


 Main Functions


  • Plan and conduct the tasks related to military operations;
  • Prepare training and activity plans of MIB "Iron Wolf";
  • Organize, conduct, evaluate and analyze training of subunits in order to achieve specify tasks and essential tasks of the mission;
  • Control readiness of subunits of MIB "Iron Wolf" to conduct stated missions and essential tasks of the mission;
  • Coordinate main spheres of activity with the commander of MIB "Iron Wolf";
  • Take part in national military operations, exercises and projects of the military cooperation;
  • Participate in international operations (EU and NATO);
  • Conduct repeated combat training for the soldiers of active reserve;
  • Collect information on experience gathered during exercises and make suggestions to Brigade commander;
  • Provide information and reports to the higher headquarters concerning implementation of training and activity plans;
  • Provide assistance to state and municipal institutions by responding to threats of a non-military nature;
  • Maintain close relationship with local society and participate in their activities.



Updated on: 2016-03-03
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