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Engineer Battalion was formed of three divisions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces: Separate Protection Battalion of the Most Important Objects of the Republic of Lithuania, Rescue Platoon of Motorised Infantry Brigade's Engineer Company and Rescue Platoon of Civilian Security Department. In April of 1993 the three units formed a Multi-profile Rescue Detachment with the main purpose conduct recue and evacuation in case of accidents, calamities, and other incidents.


On 15 August 1995, Multi-purpose Rescue Detachment of Civil Security Department was discharged and Separate Engineer Battalion was established in its base.


On 31 December 1999, Separate Engineer Battalion was reorganised into Engineer Battalion and named after Juozas Vitkus - Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalion.



Bas-relief of Col. Juozas Vitkus unveiled on the 6th Battalion's anniversary


2 September 2000, flag was bestowed on Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalion by the Act of the Minister of National Defence.


Minister of National Defence Česlovas Stankevičius hands combat flag bestowed on the Battalion to the then Commander Lt. Col. Raimondas Visockis, Kaunas, Garden of War Museum


 Battle flag of Juozas Vitkus Engineering battalion.


16 June 2003, in order to ensure relevant neutralisation of located explosives and removal of unexploded ammunition from territories, operative teams of deminers are formed. The teams are deployed in Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys, Alytus, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Tauragė.


From 20 September 2004, under agreement of commanders of the Engineer Battalion and NDVF Darius and Girėnas 2nd Territorial Unit, Pontoon Company of the Battalion undergoes combat training together with NDVF soldiers. Training and instructions for soldiers of Pontoon Platoon of 212 Company of NDVF Darius and Girėnas 2nd Territorial Unit to operate the pontoon depot, and individual and collective infantry training are conducted.




Collective training of the Battalion's Pontoon Company and NDVF troops: river element being launched, hauled to the bank, check-up of its locks and rigging before engaging with other elements


Four soldiers of Demining Company represented the Battalion for the first time in an international deployment with Chaghcharan PRT in Afghanistan on July of 2005.


A moment of solemn deployment ceremony


In 2008 Overall Demining Platoon was established to clear the territory of the Republic of Lithuania from unexploded standard explosive devices.



Soldiers of Overall Demining Platoon conduct preliminary territory clearance works in Liucinavas village, Marijampolė Distr.


1st General Engineer Platoon of the General Engineer Company underwent national evaluation in 2009 and was certified ready for duty in the NATO Response Force. NRF is high-readiness technologically advanced force of the Alliance comprised by land, air, naval and special forces' components capable of deploying at short notice in any location at any time to conduct wide spectrum of operations.



Moment of a training event - camp being fenced with protective „Hesco bastion" construction


On 1 January 2010 the 1st General Engineer Platoon of the General Engineer Company entered service in NRF-14 in composition of the Baltic Battalion. The 14th rotation of NRF is manned by Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, UK, the Netherlands, Norway, and Hungary and led by Denmark.




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