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Tasks and functions

Purpose of Engineer Battalion:

Enhance combat units and supporting units efficiency by conducting mobility, countermobility, survivability, and gen. engineering tasks.


Tasks of Engineer Battalion:

  • to provide support to LAF troops combat training;
  • to provide General engineer support to LAF troops;
  • to safeguard military divisions from NBC threat;
  • to conduct mine clearance works in order to ensure neutralisation of military (conventional) explosives and IEDs in the areas of international operations;
  • to conduct works of operative and overall mine clearance throughout the territory of Lithuania to neutralise military (conventional) explosives;
  • to train specialists of combat and general engineering, demining, and NBC;
  •  to delegate troops or specialists to PSO;
  •  to delegate troops to NRF duty;
  •  to conduct peace time tasks.

Members of the Engineer Battalion on training:  clear military equipment from NBC contamination, neutralise undetonated standard explosive device, and assist in transporting military equipment over water obstacles, provides engineering suport for the installation engineering barriers, ensure the mobility of friendly forces.


To fulfil its mission the Engineer Battalion conducts the following functions:

  • support to units by conducting mobility, countermobility and survivability operations;
  • fulfilment of general support tasks;
  • participation in fulfilment of projects in line with mission of Land Force;
  • conduct of neutralisation works of standard explosives agreeably to the order set in legal acts;
  • attendance of national and multinational operations and other international military cooperation events;
  • implementation of policy of military engineering personnel selection, administration and career according to the order established by the Minister of National Defence and Chief of Defence;
  • maintaining close relations with community and participation in public life within its scope;
  • support to other state and municipal institutions according to the rules set forth in legal acts;
  • training of soldiers, and providing relevant conditions of military service.





Updated on: 2017-02-09
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