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Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Battalion (BDB)




After the restoration of Lithuanian independence in 1990, its army was restored. On 19 July 1992 in Nemirseta (Palangat) the Dragoon Battalion was established. The current deployment location of the battalion is in Klaipėda, at Liepojos g. 5. During its 25 years of operation so far, the management structure and name of the battalion have changed.

The fact that Lithuanian dragoons have featured in history for a full four centuries now is a solid basis for the Battalion to continue its military dragoon traditions. Understandably, over time the weaponry, tactics and logistics have changed, but the spirit and the idea of the dragoons still inspires the soldiers of the Battalion today and it is no surprise that the Battalion’s symbol – a three-headed dragon, a sinister creature – is prepared to meet the enemy with fire and sword, as are the dragoons, who wear this symbol on their uniforms.



Base of the Battalion


The Battalion is located in the Northern part of the city. The territory of the Battalion covers the area of 11 hectares where round the formation ground there are situated: the headquarters, big and the small barracks, mess hall, initial health care centre, technical park, shooting-ground, tactics and training centre, officers` club where different events, celebrations and festivals take place. On the first floor of the officers` club there is an exposition reflecting the whole history of the Dragoon. The Battalion has got a good sports base. The volunteers can go for active sports there. There is a library in the Battalion and four rooms for guests.


Military medicine service initial health care centre, Mine clearing department of the Engineering battalion, and Navy divers` training centre use the base of the Dragoon Battalion as well as the Navy Forces orchestra which always helps the Dragoon during the festivals and events and once a week at formation.  




Kairiai training area


In 1949 in Kairiai, Klaipėda district, was established a military training area. On 17 June, 1995 by the order of the Chief of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania it was assigned to the Battalion. Up to now Kairiai training area is an inseparable part of the Battalion and it is intensively used as the training location of volunteers. In the territory of Kairiai training area there are eight training fields, two shooting-grounds with all equipments, destruction ground for explosives, grenade throwing ground and an autodrome. The soldiers acquire here practical knowledge of Basic volunteer training course and the participants of other courses; here also train the volunteers of PKT of the battalion. In 2004 for the preparation of the volunteers for Peacemaking operations and for training to fight in the built-up area there were installed control points and the imitation of Marių town with camps. The volunteers going on international missions in Kairiai training area get the practical knowledge how to deal with an explosive, to conduct roads and bridges  inspection, how to protect not only himself but also the surrounding population, the cooperation with „locals" is also imitated there and etc. Emergency driving is also taught there. For this reason in Kairiai training area there is installed a route which resembles the roads in Afghanistan.  Here are the water barriers, different passages via down lands and pits.





Kairiai training area is the only one in Lithuania according to geographical location and the specifics of possibilities, where reciprocity exercises and training can be executed by Navy, Air and Land forces at a time. Navy Forces, the National Defence Volunteer Forces 3rd detachment, and SOP organize the exercises in Kairiai training area, there take place the final PRT exercises, Lithuanian border security and fire-fighting services and other institutions training. The environmental protection specialists are happy with the presence of the Armed Forces in this object - the volunteers in Kairiai training area help to protect rare areas of the reservation, handle the reservation, and get involved in different planting and cleaning events.  



Public relations


Since the foundation of the Battalion the Dragoon participate in Klaipėda cultural life. The Battalion cooperates with Klaipėda cultural and sports organizations (children ward house "Smiltelė", Klaipėda Youth centre, Deaf and hearing-impaired school and other). For the whole year the Battalion is open for public organizations especially for those that work with the youth.  During a year Battalion receives approximately 30 excursions for the children from different schools and organizations and according to the requests and possibilities the places are allotted for children's summer camps in Kairiai training area.    


The motto of the Battalion - Do or die!


The foundation date of the Battalion - 19 July, 1992.




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