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International Operations

The unit soldiers have participated in the international operations in Croatia (from 1994 to 1995), Bosnia and Herzegovina (in 1996, 1999), Kosovo (in 2000, 2003, 2008), Iraq (in 2007, 2008), and since 2006 they participate in the ISAF PRT operation in Ghowr province, the Western part of Afghanistan, since 2017 in Ukraine.

A lot of unit's servicemen have international operations experience; some of them have participated in the operations twice or more.

National Defence Volunteer Forces Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Training batallion volunteer servicemen have participated in the international operations listed below:


1994 LITPLA-1 Peace Support Operation, Croatia

1995 LITPLA-3 Peace Support Operation, Croatia

1996 LITCOY-1 Peace Support Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1999 BALTSQN-2 Peace Support Operation in Bosnia and Hercegovina

2000 KFOR-3 Peace Support Operation, Kosovo Province

2003 BALTSQN-8 Peace Support Operation, Kosovo Province

2006 PRT-4 Provincial Reconstruction Team, Afganistan

2007 NTM-1 NATO trainning mision, Iraq

2007 NATO Peace Support Operation, ISAF Afganistan

2008 PRT-7 Provincial Reconstruction Team, Afganistan

2008 MNC-1. Multi-National Corps, Iraq

2008 NTT-K NATO Training Team, Kosovo

2009  PRT-10 Provincial Reconstruction Team, Afganistan

2010 PRT- 11 Provincial Reconstruction Team, Afganistan

2011 NSE -5 National Support Element, Afganistan

2012 PRT-14 Provincial Reconstruction Team, Afganistan

2013 NSE - 9 National Support Element, Afganistan

2014 NSE - 11 National Support Element, Afganistan

2017  Training mission in Ukraine







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