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Lithuanian Grand Duke Kęstutis Motorised infantry Battalion

The Lithuanian Grand Duke Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion is stationed in Sakalinė village (Tauragė district). The unit was established on August 15, 1992. Three years later it was bestowed with a combat flag the slogan of which says "Let us fight for the honour and freedom of Lithuania."


The Battalion is stationed in a forested area perfect for refining tactical, topographical and individual skills of its soldiers. Firing skills are trained at certified handgun and electronic target ranges and sports halls and gyms are used for physical fitness.


Key function of the battalion is to ensure territorial defence of the Republic of Lithuania, to be ready to deploy to multinational peace operations, and to assist at home in emergencies.






Battalion personnel have been deployed to the peace support operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan; formed Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) 5 (in 2007) and 11 (in 2010) of the Province of Ghor, Afghanistan.  The entire Battalion with assigned soldiers from other Lithuanian Armed Forces' units took part in the aforementioned missions.



Collective training, ability to operate within a larger unit of personnel is taken seriously. In 2011 the Battalion underwent intense training for standby for the Lithuanian Domestic Support Forces.


In the beginning of 2012 the Battalion formed the Domestic Support Forces Land Force Element 2 and carried out a two-year standby period ready to respond to state sovereignty breaches, support state border guard, protect vital state objects, defend them from terrorism or mass violent attacks, and support state institutions during emergencies. 


In 2014 the Battalion prepared for a year-long standby for the NATO Response Force and carried it out in 2015. 





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