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Tasks and functions


Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion shall deploy in the indicated area of operation and prepare for completion of battle assignments laid out in the Armed Defence of State Operational Plan to meet national or/and international needs upon receiving such order.


Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion implements the task assigned to it through performance of the following functions:
• Train conscripts of the Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service;
• Carry out tactical military intelligence assignments;
• Complete maneuver operations;
• Carry out fire support assignments;
• Complete force protection assignments;
• Carry out assignments of combat support in the course of an operation;
• Carry out command and control assignments during operations;
• Draft and approve combat training plans for Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion, arrange and conduct training for units to achieve the designated tasks;
• Cooperate with governmental and municipal institutions, other public organisations that contribute directly to a stronger National Defence System and preparedness of the society for defence of Lithuania according to the order provided for in legislation;
• Assists the police and civilian authorities and completes other peacetime assignments according to the order provided for in legislation;
• Carry out training for active reserve soldiers;
• Maintains relations with the community and contribute to community life as much as possible.
Kęstutis Motorised Infantry Battalion can carry out other functions provided for in law and legislation related to its activities as well.





Updated on: 2017-12-15
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