Lithuanian Armed Forces
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   By the order of Minister of Defence No V-726, dated 4 July, 2003 „Because of reorganization" Supply Department of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was reorganized into Material Resources Department and Depot Service.
   On 27 August, 2003 Depot Service was established and its structure was confirmed. Lt Col Ricardas Valunta was appointed as first Commander of Depot Service in 2004.
   By the order of Minister of Defence No V-1056, dated 5 November, 2008 "Because of modification of Depot Service and Motiejus Peciulionis Arsenal work organization" Depot Service name, structure and regulations were changed from 1 January, 2009.
   Depot Storage Service consists of:  Storehouse depo, Vehicles and equipment depot, Arms depot. 
   Depot Storage Service is under direct subordination of Logistics Command.




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