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NRF -5 Pakistan


Since the beginning of the summer of 2005, the troops of the Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion have been contributing to the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team activities in the Ghor Province of Afghanistan.


Getting ready for the mission in a relevantly short time was a challenge for the Battalion. They had to collect all the items submitted by the Lithuanian Armed Forces, buy those that were still missing, and pack them for delivery to the Provincial Reconstruction Team. The items included office equipment and furniture, communication devices, arms and ammunition, medical instruments,  engineering, and sports equipment, etc. HMMWV cars, used for medicine, transportation and infantry activities, were also prepared for operation and insured by the Battalion's troops.


Moreover, the troops helped to set up the camp of the first Provincial Reconstruction Team and took care of maintaining it before a container-based system was built to house it. The following equipment supplied by the Battalion's troops were used in the temporary campsite: water purification apparatus, power supply nodes, showers, washing machines, sanitary nodes, and fuel filling equipment.


From 10 November 2005 to 6 February 2006, a water purification unit of the Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion took part in NATO Response Force (NRF-5) in Pakistan. A group of Lithuanian troops delivered assistance to survivors of a devastating earthquake.



The Battalion troops worked with water purification equipment in the town of Bagh in the Arja area of north-east Pakistan. The Lithuanian unit operated as part of the Engineering Company of the Spanish Battalion. The Grand Duke Vytenis Main Support Logistics Battalion  troops were the only ones in NATO Response Force to supply potable water. While Lithuanians were waiting for the results of water analysis, they were providing for the British and Spanish water for technical purposes and washing. Furthermore, seeing the Spanish and Polish troops failing to complete their tasks on time, the Lithuanians offered to help. On a daily basis, three Lithuanian troops contributed to the construction of several facilities and three others worked at a car workshop. Furthermore, the troops from Marijampole helped to repair a road in Arja and rebuild a school for boys.



PRT  Afghanistan


Since 2005, Lithuania has been leading a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) of Ghor Province in Afghanistan. The Lithuanian-led PRT is a multinational and inter-agency effort. Georgian, Ukrainian and United States military and civilian personnel serve alongside
Lithuanian military and civilians. 

The main goal of the PRTs is to help Afghan authorities expand their influence in the province, ensure security and stability as well as form suitable conditins for reconstructing the province.

A lot of unit's servicemen have international operations experience; some of them have participated in the operations twice or more.






Since 1996. The battalion deployed to international missions: Serbia and Montenegro (KFOR-9, KFOR-17), Bosnia and Herzegovina (LITPLA-6-5  BALTSQN, SFOR) and Iraq (LITCON-5 LITCON-9 LITPET-4 LITCONT) Afghanistan (PRT-1 - PRT-13, NPE), a humanitarian mission in Pakistan.





In 2014. 1 January. Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis Support Battalion Water purification unit and medium truck platoon began duty in the NATO Response Force (NRF-14).

Water purification unit and medium truck platoon is ready at any time to go to the NATO-led international operation.








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