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Military And Public Day In Šiauliai

On the 26 th of May were military and public holiday and Air Show "Wings of Steel 2012" in Šiauliai. Lithuanian and other NATO pilots during the festival showed impressive performances.

During the event weapons and techniques showed all kinds of Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Vytenis Battalion during the event presented the water purification equipment ROWPU 1500.

Traditionally, military and public holiday is organized by the third weekend in May.

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Reserve Soldiers Training

May 5 - 18 reserve soldiers were training in Vytenis Battalion. During the training the soldiers remembered their individual and collective military skills. Soldiers had to tactics, the first medical, radio communications, engineering and armament theoretical and practical exercises. During collective training reserve soldiers drove the Vytenis Battalion transport.

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Vytenis Battalion trip

On the 22 th of July Vytenis Battalion soldiers together with their families, visited Vilkaviškis historic sites and stayed near Vištytis lake.
The soldiers visited the Paežeriai estate (which built in 1795), Vilkaviškis museum, Tartar cemetery. This is not the first Vytenis battalion soldiers and their families' trip.

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Vytenis Battalion, Water Purification Unit and Medium Truck Platoon is preparing for NRF (NATO Response Force) duty in 2012

On 11-14 of July Water Purification Unit and Medium Truck platoon had practical exercises in Kazlų Rūda training center. Objective of the exercise was to check the combat readiness of units. Both units will be on duty from 1st January 2012. 

Units will be on duty at their deployment location in Marijampolė ready to leave, if NATO's decision to use the NRF.

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Lithuanian King Mindaugas coronation Day in Marijampolė

On this day was celebrated Mass "For homeland". In Basanavičius square was raised the flag of the Republic Lithuania and reward meritorious townspeople.

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Lithuania's accession to NATO 10th Celebration

On March 29 Lithuania celebrates its first decade in NATO. On Friday at noon a celebratory ceremony of hoisting Lithuanian and NATO flags were take place in J. Basanavičius Square. An official ceremony attended by the garrison Marijampolė units. It was fired three honour rounds. Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas greeted the public and the soldiers with the celebration.

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