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Chief of staff of the MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service





Lieutenant Colonel Laimonas Luninas
Chief of staff at MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service





23 September, 1972


Šiauliai city, Lithuania




1990-06-18 Vilnius State Specialized Secondary School;

1994-08-01 Lithuanian Military Academy (Stage I) - Commander of the Strike (high school);

2000-01-14 Lithuanian Military Academy (Stage II) - Bachelor of Warfare.


2000-07-01 English course (390h) Lithuanian Military Academy;

2000-10-13 Procedural Courses for Leadership Offices, Zealand Hall of Fame, Denmark;

2000-11-22 Environmental protection courses, General Adolph Ramanauskas Soldiers Professional Development Center;

2001-06-08 English course in Canadian Military Forces;

2001-12-02 Autumn Thunder, tactical training;

2002-05-17 English course (29h) – Soldiers Professional Development Center;

2003-06-20 Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Officer Courses, Baltic Defense College;

2006-10-27 the third Baltic States Logistics Officer Course, Latvian Defense Academy;

2006-12-22 Elementary courses of Information System Specialists under the ECDL program, Non-Commissioned Officer School;

2007-02-16 Introductory course for NATO Staff Officers,  NATO School, Germany;

2007-05-25 ISAF- HQ Individual Skills Upgrade course, General Adolph Ramanauskas Combat Training Center;

2007-06-13 Expeditionary Logistics course,  NATO School, Germany;

2009-05-29 LOGFAS Chief of Staff Course,  NATO School of Communication and Information Systems, Italy;

2009-06-17 Operational logistics planning course,  NATO School, Germany;

2012-10-12 Hygiene and First Aid Courses (28h) - Medical Military Service Primary War Health Center in Vilnius;

2014-04-14 Environmental Training courses for NATO-led operations and mission troops, Combat Training Center;

2014-05-09 Military Training for International Operations;

2016-11-30 Joint Logistics Support Group Entrance Course, International Logistics Coordination Center.


1991-10-23 Platoon divisor (Šiauliai city Command post);

1991-11-30 Oath of allegiance;

1992-01-02 Platoon divisor (Šiauliai city Command post, Commandant platoon);

1992-02-24 Corporal (OR-2);

1992-05-08 Platoon divisor (4th Separate Motodescent battalion);

1992-08-03 Sergeant platoon (National Defense School);

1992-11-24 Junior non-commissioned officer  (OR-3);

1993-02-13 Non- commissioned Officer (OR-4);

1994-08-02 Lieutenant (OF-0(1);

1994-09-01 First platoon Commander Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf“ );

1994-12-09 LITPLA Second Compartment Commander, LITPLA – third platoon commander, Rukla)

1995-11-10 Chief specialist - instructor for shooting (Peace Support Training Training Center, Teaching Service);

1995-12-29 First Lieutenant (OF-1);

1996-01-02 Shooter (Peace Support Training Training Center, Teaching Service);

1996-12-09 Chief (Air Force, Fire Department of the First Aviation Base);

1997-08-29 the listener (Lithuanian Military Academy);

1998-12-28 Captain (OF-2);

2000-01-17 Chief (Western Motorized Infantry Brigade);

2000-02-18  Infantry officer;

2001-06-27 Crew Commander (Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf“);

2001-07-27 Adjutant;

2001-07-27 Chief (Mechanized Infantry Brigade Battalion Section 1 chief);

2002-08-05 Military officer (Lithuanian Armed Forces Training and Doctrine Command);

2003-06-23 Chief (Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Command, HQ, Logistics Coordination Unit);

2003-06-25 Logistics military Officer;

2003-06-27 Major (OF-3);

2004-04-16 Chief (Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Command, HQ, Combat training unit);

2004-09-24 Planning military officer (Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Command, HQ, Logistics  Planning unit);

2005-07-16 Soldier (National Defence Volunteer Forces, Staff Support Unit, International Operations Unit);

2006-01-30 Chief (Logistics Command, HQ, Logistics Planning unit);

2006-08-29 Motorized Infantry military officer;

2007-09-03 Logistics military officer (Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Secretariat, Representative Group, Brunsiume Group of the United Nations Headquarters);

2007-10-23 Lieutenant Colonel (temporary) (OF-4);

2008-10-25 Logistics military officer (OJN LCX 0050) (Brunsiume Group of the United Nations Headquarters);

2010-01-26 Logistics military officer (OJN LCX 0050) (JFC HQ);

2010-07-01 Logistics military officer (OJN RLO 0120) (JFC HQ);

2010-12-21 Planning Chief military officer (Defense Headquarters, Capacity Planning Department, Capacity Development Division, Support Capacity Division);

2012-12-10 Lieutenant Colonel (temporary) (OF-4);

2012-12-10 Chief of Unit (Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Logistics Command, J4 Planning unit);

2013-07-03 Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4);

2014-08-20 Logistics career direction;

2015-07-10 Chief of Staff for Operations and Military Training (G3) (Logistics Command, HQ);

2017-09-05 Chief of Staff (MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service, HQ).




1992-02-24 Corporal (OR-2);

1994-08-02 Lieutenant (OF-0(1);

1995-12-29 First lieutenant (OF-1);

1998-12-28 Captain (OF-2);

2003-06-27 Major (OF-3);

2007-10-23 Lieutenant Colonel (temporary) (OF-4);

2013-07-03 Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4).


Promotion of the President of the Republic of Lithuania; Medal of the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces "For distinction”, Thanksgiving of Commander of the Armed Forces; National Defense Minister's thanksgivings, nominal gifts, medals and one-time incentive payment, thanksgiving from the Head of National Defense School Chief, thanksgiving from the Supreme Commander of the Center for the Promotion of the Chancellor of the 1st Air Base, thanksgiving from Commander of the Western District “Žemaitija”, Thanksgivings from the Commander of the Logistics Command, NATO Medal from the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania, thanksgiving of the Commander of the Multinational Center-South Division, the Joint Combat Training Center of Stavanger, the thanksgiving of the Battalion Commander, the Commander of the EuroCorpus, thanksgiving for the Head of the Special Mission in Afghanistan, the thanks from the Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Chief.












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