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Medical Support

Medical Support Units Group is one of the three main divisions of MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service responsible for medical support of military operations of the Armed Forces' branches and subdivisions in Lithuania and beyond its boundaries in correspondence with NATO standards and assistance to the government and municipality institutions in extreme conditions and law determinate order.


Medical Support Units Group consists of:

  • Land Forces Medical Support Unit
  • Air Forces Medical Support Unit
  • Naval Forces Medical Support Unit

Land Forces Medical Support Unit consists of four ROLE1 Medical Support Units and ROLE2 LM (light maneuver) Medical Support Unit. At present all Medical Support Units can completely perform ROLE1 functions, ROLE2 LM Medical Support Unit is developing.


The leading NATO regulatory documents that regulate the medical support state preparing for military operations as well as during said operations in accordance, to the extent of the provided health care- there are four levels of medical support are distinguished:


1st Healthcare service group (role 1), 2nd Healthcare service group (role 2), 3rd Healthcare service group (role 3), 4th Healthcare service group (role 4). 3rd and 4th health care service groups have medical services provided exclusively by the military hospitals. Since it would be irrational for Lithuanian military to establish an army hospital, 3rd and 4th health care service groups can have medical services provided by the civilian healthcare institutions.


To ensure the soldiers with the necessary high-quality medical aid, also in cases of extreme circumstances as well as times when NATO forces come to Lithuania, an institutional network of Lithuania's military support for personal health care is being established. The said network would include health care establishments of the districts of Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Vilnius. The extent of the health care services of the establishments mentioned above would ensure qualified personal health care services of all profiles, the possibilities of the latest diagnostic technologies, reception of large quantities of injured, first aid provision, the options of preparing and receiving patients, evacuated by air transport. Currently, the status of a support hospital is held by the Kaunas Medical University Hospital, Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, Klaipeda Seamen's Hospital, Klaipeda University Hospital, Vilnius University Emergency Hospital, and Siauliai Hospital.





Updated on: 2018-03-05
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