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Military Medical Training

Military Medical Training

Military Medical Training Center

Military Medical Training Center is the third of the three main divisions of MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service. Military Medical Training Center was established in 1999 and the same year registered in Ministry of Education and Science as a training institution.



There is a variety of courses lectured at Military Medical Training Center:


  • Military Medical Doctors and Military Medical Doctor Assistants course (9 weeks long);
  • Narrow specialization Reserve's Military Medical Doctors and Military Medical Doctor Assistants course (1-week length);
  • Individual preparation course for medical personnel before the mission (1-week length);
  • International Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BLS) course (3 days length);
  • International Prehospital trauma life support (PHTLS®) course (3 days length);
  • International Basic Staff Medical Officers course (2 weeks long);
  • Military Major Incident Medical Management and Support course - MIL MIMMS).


Military Medical Training Center arranges training of instructors of hygiene and first aid, instructors of infantryman rescuer.

Military Medical Training Center organizes, implements and controls Medical individual assignment training for the Military Medical personnel, also, coordinates and implements antecedent individual medical training for medical staff going to international operations, and organizes and controls training of military medical staff from healthcare institutions.






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