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Siauliai district volunteers‘activity started after  the declaration of the Republic of Lithuania Independence restoration act in March  11, 1990. Since  1990 spring  they began to keep municipal buildings, energy, telecommunication facilities, larger companies, factories, monitor county units deployed in the Russian army, helped the police to maintain law and order. 1991 of January occupying army in Vilnius and other cities took the main force of national assets. The beginning of the unrest, a number of volunteers from all over Siauliai county moved to Vilnius to defend the Supreme Council. Other partof volunteers left in Siauliai to protect local public facilities.  After the formal Voluntary National Defence Service (SKAT) foundation (17 of January 1991), began to form the first volunteer companies.


On 1 June 1991 by the order of the Department of National Defence General Director, establishing  Siauliai district teritorial defence unit (SKAT). Since 1 June 1991 Rimantas Jurgaitis was appointed as a unit commander.

On 12 March 1993 confirmed  the name „Siauliai unit "and the new structure. The Unit includes Siauliai, Kelme, Pakruojis, Joniškis, Akmenė, Telšiai cities and districts. Unit headquarters was reorganized into the County Territorial Defence Headquarters, and in Siauliai county established the territorial defense headquarters (RTG).


On 1 June 1993 captain. Jonas Zaturskis was appointed as unit commander. In February 1995 by the Lithuania under the administrative division, unit name has changed to "Siauliai territorial defense unit." There were changes in unit structure, decreased territory because of shaped Telšiai RTG headquarters , "Telšiai county territorial defense unit."


On 2 February 1998 Voluntary National Defence Service (SKAT) was reorganized into the National Defence Volunteer Forse Prisikėlimo. On 1 July 1998 major. Romualdas Opulskis was appointed as a unit commander. On 15 January 1999 by the order of the Minister of the National Defence Republic of Lithuania No. 64 Siauliai district teritorial defence unit was named as the  6th Territorial Unit of Prisikėlimo Military District.


Since 11 July 2002 the Unit is no longer of military conscripts registration and conscription, reserve conscripts accounting, mobilization tasks. These functions are passed to the Conscription Administration KAM Panevezys conscription centre. Adoption of Lithuania into NATO and the exchanges of tasks, unit battalions were reorganized into companies.

Since 2004 unit solders and volunteers participate in the international operations, in the mission, KFOR-10, KFOR-11, BALTSQN-11, PRT-2 contains the US-led allied coalition operation in Iraq. On 14 April 2004 major. Sergėjus Venclovaitis was appointed as unit commander.


In 2005 in Siauliai were 6 companies, about 90 professional soldiers and about 850 volunteers. The unit plans and conducts volunteer servicemen training, augments regular Armed Forces units with soldiers. The unit also conducts peace time tasks under the provision of the legal acts.

On 29 September 2006, 6th Territorial Unit of Prisikėlimo Military District was reorganized. Professional soldiers continued job in other units of the national defense system. Territorial companies and volunteers soldiers assigned to 5th Territorial Unit Vytis Military District in Panevežys.


On 3 October 2011 officialy was established, 6th Territorial Unit of Prisikėlimo Military District, for the purpose of rational management of subordinate units, saving human and material resources. Also there will be more effective organization of combat training.

Egidijus Budraitis was appointed as a commander of 6th Territorial Unit of Prisikėlimo Military District. Since 1 January 2012, 6th Territorial Unit of Prisikėlimo Military District includes companies of: Siauliai, Kelme, Joniškis, Pakruojis, Telsiai and Mazeikiai, founded Headquarters and Supply Company.




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