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Fights for the Independence Exposition "Our Nation's Historical Memory"


On 18 January 1997, on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of Alytus NDVF in the centennial military building (Ulonų str. 14a, companies' premises) an exposition "Our Nation's Historical Memory" was opened. Volunteers assisted in setting up the composition. One of the founders of the exposition was a participant in the fights for independence resignation lieutenant Kazimieras Savičius. Formerly during the interwar period in the building where the exposition is opened now was established the Uhlan regiment. In the soviet times the building was occupied by Russian paratroopers. Now in this building are NDVF 1st territorial unit Dainava military district companies No. 101, 103, 108, 110 and headquarters support companies are located.


The exposition covers three epochs of the 20th century:

  1. Lithuanian Armed Forces in 1918 - 1940.
  2. Armed resistance to the soviet occupation in 1944 - 1953.
  3. Atgimimas (Engl. - revival) period movement in striving for freedom.


In the exposition there are many showpieces such as partisan weaponry, personal items, orders, written during the partisan war, other documents, pictures of  former Lithuanian partisans, partisan dugouts etc. 

From the opening of the exposition it was visited by schoolchildren, soldiers, guests from public organizations, honorable guests from Lithuania and foreign states. In the premises of the exposition contests "What do you know about the Lithuanian Armed Forces?" are organized.


In 2007 was commemorated 10-year anniversary of the exposition. NDVF commander Col. Antanas Plieskis, Administration of military conscription deputy commander Col. Arūnas Dudavičius, Alytus town and district municipalities' representatives, educational institutions representatives, partisans and unit soldiers participated at the anniversary ceremony.


 In 2008 - 2009 approximately 1400 visitors have seen the exposition. In the exposition hall history lessons are organized on occasion.  












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