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History of National Defence Volunteer Forces the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district


On April 17, 1991 by the order of Director General of the National defence Alytus district territorial defence unit was established. Arūnas Dudavičius was appointed as a unit commander.
The first official task was to secure the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. About 60 volunteer servicemen conducted the defence of the Parliament in April 1991.
The unit received the second two-part task when the putsch in Moscow emerged - first, to send volunteers to defend the parliament and to prepare for the fight in the underground conditions in case of the intermittence of the command from Vilnius; and second, to observe the soviet military unit deployed in Alytus.
On August 21, 1991 defending the parliament of the Republic of Lithuania died Alytus unit volunteer Artūras Sakalauskas. He was buried in Alytus St. Guardian angel (Lith. Šv. Angelų Sargų) graveyard near officer Antanas Juozapavičius (died in 1918).
On April 6, 1992 in Alytus a national volunteers training center was established. Volunteers from all NDVF units were trained in this center.
By the order of NDVF commander control posts, temporary cordons were established, soviet Army units were observed and the units' movement was controlled. In order to prevent the deployment of the additional Russian military contingent were blocked soviet Army units and road control was conducted.
Since 1995 unit soldiers and unit elements participate in training and exercise in Lithuania and abroad: "Amber Valley", "Partner Challenge", "Amber Hope", "Spring Wind", "Maple Arch", "BALTOPS 05". The unit soldiers and professional military service soldiers participated in the international operations in the Balkans, Afghanistan and other regions.
On January 15, 1999 the Minister of the National Defence Česlovas Stankevičius commemorating the Lithuanian freedom defenders' partisan military districts NDVF Alytus territorial defence unit gave Dainava military district name. Now it is called the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district.
Since 2004 unit soldiers participate in the international operations in the composition of the following contingents: KFOR-10 (Kosovo), BALTSQN-10(Kosovo), LITCON-4 (Iraq).
The participation in the international missions was proceeded (BALTSQN-11(Kosovo), ISAF/KAIA, PRT-2, PRT-4 (Afghanistan), KFOR-12(Kosovo)).
In 2007 KFOR-17 platoon manned by Dainava unit volunteers successfully accomplished their operation in Kosovo province.
The unit soldiers participated in home support operations, assisted police and civil institutions, participated in a joint exercise together with the National border security service and Alytus fire fighter department.
In the first half of 2008 Dainava military district Marijampolė companies' volunteer servicemen and Vytenis forward support logistic battalion soldiers entered a half-year standby period in NRF -10 (NATO Response Forces) rotation. Lithuanian contingent was in the composition of the Netherlands battalion. After receiving the order Lithuanian contingent had to deploy to the Netherlands and wait for the further orders.
On January 17, 2009 on the 17 anniversary of NDVF the best company of the year 2008 was awarded. NDVF the 1st territorial unit 103 company received the award. The Minister of the National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė presented the company commander Ramūnas Murauskas with XVI century sword made by contemporary armament masters.
In 2009 - 2010 a tenth PRT shift went to Ghowr province, Afghanistan. PRT-10 was manned by NDVF the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district soldiers, some personnel contributed other territorial units and Lithuanian Armed Forces units.
On June 13, 2009 at Putinai high school (Alytus) stadium NDVF XIX sports games were hold. Dainava unit won the 2nd place.
On April 16, 2010 the 19th anniversary of the unit was commemorated. The unit volunteer servicemen were awarded NDVF medals "For the Exemplary Service", professional service soldiers were awarded NDVF coins.

NDVF the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district composes of the unit headquarters, ten infantry companies and Headquarters Company.
NDVF Dainava unit also form Lithuanian Armed Forces Special operations Forces Company which task is to conduct special military operations. Company does combat and special preparation according to a special Jeager battalion program. Special operations Forces Company is formed on voluntary, selection and preparation principle from volunteer servicemen.
Unit elements are deployed in Alytus, Varėna, Druskininkai, Lazdijai, Marijampolė, Kalvarija and Vilkaviškis. Dainava military district territory covers the South-Southwest part of Lithuania and borders with Byelorussia, Poland and Kaliningrad district of the Russian Federation.
Currently about 80 professional service soldiers and more than 900 volunteer servicemen serve at the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district.

Unit commanders:
April 17, 1991 - August 31, 1995 Major Arūnas Dudavičius
September 1, 1995 - February 1, 1998 Major Kęstutis Leonavičius
February 2, 1998 - May 21, 2000 Major Juozas Svetlauskas
May 22, 2000 - July 16, 2003 Lieutenant colonel Valdas Kiveris
July 17, 2003 - August 3, 2008 Major Raimondas Matulaitis
August 3, 2008 - August 4, 2011 Major Arturas Jasinskas (since November 17, 2008 -  lieutenant colonel)

August 5, 2011 - July 28, 2014 Major Rimantas Jarmalavičius (since November 22, 2011 - lieutenant colonel)

July 29, 2014 - June 22, 2017 Major Svajūnas Papiliauskas (since September 18, 2014 - lieutenant colonel)

Since June 23, 2017 Major Arnas Mikaila





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