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International operations

Unit soldiers in the international operations from 2005 to 2011


From February 15, 2005 to August 2005 NDVF company Baltic Squadron (BALTSQN-11) conducted their tasks in the area of responsibility in Kosovo province. Soldiers were deployed in the Danish battalion near Mitrovica. The peacekeeper battalion where Lithuanian volunteers conducted their duty for a half of year was in the composition of French international Kosovo Forces (KFOR) brigade "North East".
BALTSQN-11 company was established from three platoons: the 8th territorial unit Didžioji Kova military district (Vilnius), the 2nd territorial unit Darius and Girėnas military district (Kaunas) and the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district volunteer servicemen.
Lithuanian servicemen conducted many tasks during the operation: they conducted patrol in the area of responsibility, ensured security of the local community, collected information from native inhabitants, informed people on the future reforms - the reduction of KFOR, the delegation of KFOR tasks to the local police, volunteers also participated in withholding smugglers, controlling riot etc.
For the first time in the history of the Lithuanian Armed Forces seven female volunteers participated in the international operation.
The peacekeeping operation in Kosovo ended on August 24, 2005. It was the first such size (approx 100 volunteers) unit of NDVF in the international operation in Kosovo.





 Pictures from the Territorial Unit's archive.


In 2005 - 2006 together with the second shift of Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-2) in the operation in Afghanistan NDVF platoon participated. It was the first unit to serve in the higher intensity operation. The platoon was manned by the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district volunteer servicemen.
More than 40 volunteers and professional soldiers participated in PRT-2 shift in the operation in Afghanistan.





 Pictures from the Territorial Unit's archive.


From Alytus Grand Dutchess Birutė mechanized infantry battalion parade ground KFOR-17 platoon manned by the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district volunteer servicemen was solemnly sent off to Kosovo province. In the composition of the platoon were three professional military service soldiers, rest of them were volunteers, among them were two women. Nine soldiers from thirty have already participated in operations in Kosovo and in Afghanistan. Main tasks for the soldiers were patrolling, conducting duty in the road control posts, and securing the border between the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, conducting escort. KFOR-17 platoon soldiers implemented several CIMIC projects, supported local schools.
KFOR-17 platoon manned by Lithuanian soldiers participated in the NATO peace support operation "Joint Guardian" in the composition of Polish-Ukraine battalion near Ferizaj (Uroshevac).






Pictures from the Territorial Unit's archive.


In 2009 - 2010 the tenth shift of the PRT operation in Afghanistan conducted their duty. The PRT-10 shift was manned by NDVF the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district volunteers, some personnel was from other NDVF territorial units and Lithuanian Armed Forces units.
PRT-10 chief of staff, Dainava unit's commander lieutenant colonel Arturas Jasinskas said that soldiers have accomplished all tasks. Every soldier participated in military escorts, conducted patrol, secured the camp, suffered from cold and heat, snow, dirt and dust, enjoyed good relationship with local inhabitants and had a possibility to get familiar with unusual culture, people and the history of a distant country. For soldiers it was useful to serve in an international setting together with the soldiers and civilian personnel from eight nations. Lieutenant colonel Arturas Jasinskas said "Personally I have got an excellent experience not only as a PRT-10 chief of staff but as a unit commander as well. I had a possibility to see my unit soldiers in every day life and how they conduct their duties. I saw many soldiers' personal features, abilities and behavior in complicated situations. I had an opportunity to ascertain their deep dedication to the mission and excellent skills. The experience gained in the mission will come in useful at home!"

On July 8, 2010 at Rotušė square in Alytus the PRT-10 soldiers welcoming ceremony was held. Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė, Chief of Defence Major General Arvydas Pocius, National Defence Volunteer Forces commander colonel Antanas Plieskis took part at the ceremony. The unit flag was decorated with a silver plate which symbolizes unit's participation in the international operation. This tradition was intercepted from the NATO countries. The silver plate reinforces the soldiers' pride with their combat flag which after each mission is decorated with international missions' denotative sign.





Preparing for international operation                                        Welcoming ceremony in Alytus


Foto by E.Žygaitis and V. Džiavecka




 Foto by L.Ambroževičiūtė




The PRT-14 shift is manned by NDVF the 5st territorial unit Vytis military district volunteers, five soldiers is from NDVF the 1st territorial unit Dainava military district. PRT-14 soldiers are preparing to participated in the international operation in Afghanistan Ghowr province.






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