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KASP savanoriai istorija Kaunas 2-oji rinktine skelbimas tapti savanoriu


Kaunas district volunteers‘activity started after March 11, 1990 after the declaration of the Republic of Lithuania Independence restoration act.

On 17 March 1990 Kaunas Sąjūdis ,,žaliaraiščiai" (Engl. Green Band) activity coordination service in the newspapers published an invitation to join volunteers.  

On 22 March 1990 Kaunas volunteers received the first task - to defend the Media House in Vilnius 

On 23 November (the day of the Armed Forces of Lithuania) the first Kaunas and Vilnius volunteers gave an oath to the Republic of Lithuania. This oath was the first in the Independent Lithuanian Armed Forces. After the oath volunteers started the defence of the municipality building, radio and television center.  

KASP savanoriai istorija Kaunas 2-oji rinktine apsauga tilto


On 17 January 1991 the order validating the Voluntary National Defence Service was passed. The legally based Kaunas territorial unit formation has started. V. Balandis was appointed as the first Chief of staff, A. Ižikovas was appointed as a deputy commander A. Griškevičius, V. Pempė, V. Važnevičius, A. Stašaitis were appointed as commanders of Kaunas companies.  

From March to April 1991 districts' company commanders were appointed: Kaunas district - K.Beliūnas, Raseiniai district - Ž.Šadauskis, Kėdainiai district - A.Plieskis, Jonava district - R. Pavasaris, Kaišiadoriai district - A. Gimžauskas, Prienai district - E. Kamarūnas. Military structure covered the whole region.

In June 1991 a unit headquarters was established, V. Straleckas was appointed as a unit commander.KASP zaidyniu taure

In 1991 Voluntary National Defence Service Kaunas unit became the champion of the Voluntary Games.  

On 19 August 1991 at 6:00 a.m. after receiving the report on the putsch in Moscow companies commanders are assembled. A volunteer's platoon is formed and sent to Vilnius. Volunteers are equipped and are sent to the reserve headquarters. In G. Grigonis apartment a headquarters was established. A mobile group was established and it conducted a reconnaissance in town. Putsch had collapsed.  

In 1991 soviet military commissariats, property of military organization and buildings in the district are taken over.

In December 1991 the government of the Republic of Lithuania has assigned to secure energetic objects of major importance. In Kaunas district security was conducted in Kaunas oil depot, Kėdainiai oil depot, Viduklė (Raseiniai district) oil depot, and "Azotas" company in Jonava.

In 1992 a new structure of the Voluntary National defence was approved. Captain J. Juocevičius was assigned as a commander of the unit.  

In 1992 Kleboniškis forest blazed up. Approximately 120 Kaunas volunteers assisted in extinguishing the fire.

In June 1992 Kėdainiai companies and Panevėžys unit Ramygala companies' volunteers together with "Iron Wolf" brigade Panevėžys battalion conducted field exercise. It was the first attempt to organize and conduct exercise based on principles of a territorial defence.

On 25 February 1993 Kaunas district commissariat was eliminated by the order of the Ministry of the National Defence and its functions (military administration, administration of military service, mobilization) were transferred to Voluntary National Defence Service Kaunas unit.

On 8 January 1993 Voluntary National Defence Service Kaunas unit became Kaunas region territorial defence unit. Major V. Vilkelis was appointed as a commander of the unit. Territorial defence headquarters were established. The administration of military conscription, registration of the under-recruit age had started and the account of the mobilization reserve.

On 31 August 1993 Soviet Army withdrawed from Lithuania. At the end of the year captain P. Urbanavičius was assigned as a commander of the unit. The first volunteers' attestation was conducted.  

On 4 September 1993 Pope John Paul II visited Lithuania. Kaunas unit volunteers participated in the body guarding the Pope.

In 1994 the first volunteers from the unit participated in the UNPROFOR operation in Croatia.  

In 1995 unit organized the 5th Volunteer Games. The unit won the first place.  

In 1997 Military medicine service prepared 25 soldiers capable to provide first aid in the companies.

In 1998 the reorganization of the forces had started. Headquarters expanded their functional possibilities.  

In May 1998 a decree on National Defence System organization and military service was approved. Voluntary National Defence service became National Defence Volunteer Forces.  

On 1 December 1998 A. Plieskis was appointed as a commander of a unit.  

On 15 January 1999 by the order of minister of the National defence Kaunas territorial defence unit was named the 2nd territorial unit Darius and Girėnas military district.  

In 2001 a training center was established in the unit.

In 2002 in XII NDVF Games unit representatives won the 1st place.

On 19 April 2003 major Albertas Dapkus was appointed as a commander of the unit.

On 2 August 2005 major Romanas Satkus was appointed as a commander of the unit.

In January - March 2006 KFOR-14 platoon manned with soldiers from the 2nd territorial unit was prepared for operation in Kosovo.  

2006 gaisras Smiltyne KASP foto savanoriai gesina gaisra


In May 2006 142 soldiers from the unit extinguished a fire in Kuršių Nerija.

On 11 July 2007 major Vidas Šarakauskas was appointed as a commander of the unit.

In December 2007 protection of Kaunas railway tunnel and bridge through Dubysa (Raseiniai region) in Lyduvėnai was transferred to Public security service at Domestic affairs ministry.  

Misija foto KasP 2-oji rinktine KFOR


On 18 September 2008 28 soldiers from the unit participated in operation in the composition of KFOR-19 platoon.

On 2 June 2009 major Romualdas Moldaris was appointed as a commander of the unit.

On 2 November 2010 colonel lieutenant Leonas Lukosevicius was appointed as a commander of the unit.

On  5 July 2013 colonel lieutenant Elegijus Paulavičius was appointed as a commander of the unit.

On  7 August 2015 colonel lieutenant Vidas Grunda was appointed as a commander of the unit.




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