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Exercises and training

Training of professional service soldiers  


  • Shooting from attached weapons;
  • Annual weapons‘management testing;
  • Formal period of instructions and testing of national defence system manuals;
  • Physical preparation and testing;
  • Staff training.   






Rifleman course (A. Ramanauskas training center)Fire control course (A. Ramanauskas training center)

English language course (beginners, 2nd level, 3rd level)

Tactical level course (Div. Gen. Stasys Raštikis NCO School)


Courses abroad


Unit soldiers gain experience during the courses abroad.



Volunteers‘ training


Volunteers are prepared according to the approved programwes approximately 20 days a year at rest-days and at work days while withdrawed from work.   

Companies conduct everyday training at section level (exercise, training).





Individual volunteer preparation is conducted at Butigeidis Dragoon training battalion.  


According to the National Defence Volunteer Forces commander‘s prepared plan of the courses soldiers are sent to the following courses:


  • Basic volunteer skills course
  • Combat life saver course
  • Radio communications operator course
  • Team commander‘s course
  • Rifleman‘s course
  • Machine-gunner course
  • Instructor course No.1
  • Mortar man course
  • Section commander‘s course
  • Platoon commander‘s course
  • Company sergeant course
  • Management course No.1
  • Management course No.2




International exercise


3rd territorial unit Žemaičiai military district troops participate in many international exercises.


  • July 1996 - international exercise "Baltic Challenge 96" (Latvia)
  • July 1998 - international exercise "Baltic Challenge 98" (Lithuania)
  • June 2004 - international exercise "BALTOPS 04" (Poland)
  • June 2005 - international exercise "Amber Hope 2005" (Lithuania)
  • September 2006 - international exercise "Baltic spirit 2006" (Lithuania)
  • October 2006 - "Baltic Fox 2006" (Lithuania)
  • June 2007 - international exercise "Amber Hope 2007" (Lithuania)
  • September 2008 - international exercise "Baltic spirit 2008" (Lithuania)
  • June 2011 - international exercise "Amber hope 2011"(Lithuania)
  • April 2014 - international exercise "Summer Shield", (Lithuania)
  • May 2014 - international exercise "Spring Storm", (Estonia)
  • May 2014 - international exercise "Flaming Sword", (Lithuania)


Pictures by MSG Eugenijus Žygaitis





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