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International operations

One of the main tasks of the unit is to prepare soldiers for the international operations. From 1996 unit troops took part in the international operations in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Serbia and Montenegro (Kosovo province).

While participating in the international operations unit troops have a possibility to get familiar with armed forces from other countries, their combat equipment, and to gain experience while conducting set tasks.

Until 2005 only individual soldiers from unit have participated in the international operations.





Unit soldiers in the international operations


Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) 8


From October 2008 to May 2009 the PRT - 8 shift manned from National Defence Volunteer Forces Žemaičiai Military District 3rd unit soldiers participated in the international operation in Afghanistan Ghowr province. During the mission PRT - 8 soldiers maintained a close working relationship with Ghowr province government, governmental and non-governmental organizations operating in the province. Soldiers held meetings with teachers of the province and Islamic religious leaders. Some quick-impact projects were implemented - in order to improve national institutions effectiveness PRT-8 troops handed the institutions organizational technique, Afghanistan national army recruitment center and Chagcharan post office was handed motorcycles, Ghowr schools were supported with computers, at Ghowr teacher's training center was established a computer classroom, and organized computer literacy courses. During medical patrols soldiers together with local medics provided medical assistance to locals.

On 5 June 2009 at Theatre square in Klaipėda was held the PRT-8 soldiers welcoming ceremony. Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė, Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Valdas Tutkus, National Defence Volunteer Forces commander Colonel Antanas Plieskis and PRT-8 commander lieutenant colonel Vytautas Reklaitis took part at the ceremony. The unit flag was decorated with silver plate which symbolizes unit's participation in the international operation. This new tradition was intercepted from the NATO countries. The silver plate reinforces the soldiers' pride with their combat flag which after each mission is decorated with international missions' denotative sign.  


Homecoming of PRT-8. Pictures by Capt. Ramūnas Razgus




Kosovo Force (KFOR-13) platoon


In October 2005 a platoon, mainly manned by the 3rd unit troops went to the international operation in Kosovo province.                   

KFOR-13 platoon was formed from National Defense Volunteer Forces Žemaičiai military District 3rd unit volunteers. It was the 4th volunteer peacekeepers' platoon. The platoon was headed by first lieutenant Vidas Ilgaudas. Soldiers for the half of year conducted their duty at a joint Polish-Ukraine battalion POLUKRBAT, at "White eagle" camp, near Kachanik.

Lithuanian platoon conducted various tasks: peacekeepers' base security, duty at the control post, patrol in the area of responsibility, etc. Volunteers at the international operation conducting their duty distinguished themselves as particularly dutiful troops. Lithuanian volunteers suppressed a great number of transportation without documentations, caught smugglers.      

At KFOR -13 shift for the first time in POLUKRBAT battalion two women-volunteers - Cpr.  Sandra Stancikaitė and Cpr. Eglė Šveistytė conducted their duty. These soldiers participated in four joint search operations together with the USA troops. According to the set peacekeeper's rules only female peacekeepers can conduct the suspected women's search.

On 27 April 2006 National Defence Volunteer Forces Žemaičiai military district 3rd unit welcomed KFOR-13 platoon from the international operation.         





























Since October, 2018, 32 solders from the unit takes significant part in United Nations Multinational Intergrated Stabilization Mission, MINUSMA in Mali.




Pictures from the Territorial Unit's archive.




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