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History of NDVF 5 th territorial unit Vytis Military District


On 22 April 1991, the unit was founded. Companies in Panevėžys, Panevėžys district, Kupiškis, Rokiškis, Pasvalys and Biržai were established. On 17 May 1992, the unit was presented with a combat flag of the unit. In June of the same year Panevėžys district, Pasvalys and Anykščiai battalions were established, and at the end of the year the 5th territorial unit already had 19 companies. In 1999 the unit was bestowed a title of the 5th territorial unit Vytis Military District.
In 1991servicemen of the unit defended the Supreme council of the Republic of Lithuania, in 1993 - 1998 conducted the defence of the national object, Biržai oil Transportation Company "Naftotiekis", in 1993 - 2008 secured Subačius town fuel depot.
In 1993 in Naciagala village, Panevėžys district, in the former soviet army radar support territory the NDVF Panevėžys territorial defence training center was founded. In 1999 the unit Training center was named after Danielius Vaitelis (Vytis Military District partisan commander) name. In 2002 the center activity was suspended.
1993-1999 the unit contracted friendly ties with Danish Homeguard 41st command soldiers: both Lithuanian and Danish soldiers have exchanged visits and have shared military training experience.
From the very beginning of the unit foundation until these days our unit soldiers and volunteer servicemen improve their knowledge in Lithuania and abroad, participate in exercises and training, sports competitions.
Since 1995 our unit soldiers and volunteer servicemen participate in peace support operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Mali.

Unit commanders:

1991 - 1996 lieutenant colonel Bronislovas Juozaitis
1996 - 1997 major Antanas Pranskūnas
1997 - 2001 lieutenant colonel Pranciškas Vaišvila
2001 - 2008 lieutenant colonel Ričardas Leikus

2008 - 2012 lieutenant colonel Eligijus Senulis

2012 - 2014  lieutenant colonel  Aurelijus Motiejūnas

2014 - 2017 lieutenant colonel  Andrius Mickus

Since 2017 lieutenant colonel  Vidas Zabiela.





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