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International operations

International operations
NDVF the 5th territorial unit Vytis military district servicemen already 15 years participate in the peace support operations. The unit soldiers have participated in the international operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in 1995, 1996, 1997), Kosovo (from 2004 to 2009), Iraq (in 2006), and since 2004 they participate in the ISAF PRT operation in Ghowr province, the Western part of Afghanistan.
About 60 unit's servicemen have international operations experience; some of them have participated in the operations twice or more.
Platoons KFOR-12, KFOR-16 and KFOR-20 manned with the unit soldiers and volunteers conducted their duty in operations in Kosovo. The unit soldiers participated in the international operations in the composition of the other Lithuanian Armed Forces units as well: BALTSQN, ALTHEA, LITPLA-3, LITPLA-4, LITPLA-6 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, KFOR-6, KFOR-10, KFOR-11, KFOR-14, KFOR-15, KFOR-18 in Kosovo, MNC-1 in Iraq, PRT-2, PRT-3, PRT-4, PRT-8, PRT-14 in Afghanistan.

2017-07-06 /2017-09-25 A team of troops participated in a military training mission in Ukraine.

2018-02/06 A team of 32 troops is participating in the United Nations-led operation in the Republic of Mali (MINUSMA).










 PRT-14 in Afghanistan



  Capt. A. Norkevičius Iraq in 2006

         KFOR-16 soldiers in 2007



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