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International operations


Soldiers from professional military service and volunteer servicemen from the 8th territorial unit Didžioji Kova military unit participate in the international operations every year. Unit CIMIC, medical company‘s volunteers ready to conduct all assigned tasks are desirable in the international operations.

Unit troops participating in the international operations have a possibility to get familiar with the armed forces from other countries, their combat equipment, and to gain experience while conducting set tasks.








Didžioji Kova military unit soldiers have participated in these international operations listed below:

International Security Assitance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan,

Province Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Afghanistan,

ISAF headquarters,

National Support elemet (NSE),

Kosovo Forces (KFOR) in Kosovo,

BALTSQN (Baltic Squadron) in Kosovo,

Stabilization forces (SFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

IRAQI Freedom in Iraq.


The PRT 16 rotation was formed based on Didžioji Kova 8th  district.





Pictures by S. Povilionis, J. Rabzin, L. Milevskaja




Updated on: 2015-01-13
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