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Implementing the NDVF commander's set tasks  Didžioji Kova territorial unit prepares and trains motivated soldiers able to defend Lithuanian Republic during the conflict in the composition of Lithuanian Armed Forces or as a part of the NATO forces, to provide assistance to the civil institutions at peace time, to participate in the international operations as a part of Lithuanian contingent or in coalition with the NATO-led forces abroad in order to fulfill Lithuania's international commitments. 

Soldiers are prepared at the exercises where they are trained for individual and collective defence. The unit soldiers expand their knowledge and skills in the training together with the regular units.




The unit training includes the following: unit staff exercise, physical training and testing, annual weapons' management and shooting from attached weapons; formal period of instructions and testing of national defence system manuals. Soldiers annually are sent to the courses that are organized in the other units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

From 2010 volunteers' training is conducted according to the new training programme (all training is defined in the new edition of "Combat training manual"). This document is adapted for common military training considering the NDVF particularity.

According to the "Combat training manual" volunteer servicemen are allotted regarding to the preparation capabilities and this in essence has to change the principles of the training and has to ensure qualitatively companies' and collective training. Individual training is conducted at Butigeidžiai dragoon training battalion according to approved plans and schedules. Volunteer servicemen can study in distance learning studies in Military academy of Lithuania and to get a Company commander's qualification and obtain a reserve officer's rank. Volunteer servicemen are sent to other military training institutions (Reconnaissance training school, general A. Ramanauskas military training center, etc.)




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